Roland PD-140DS


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Roland PD-140DS

The new Roland Digital Pad Generation

  • The PD-140DS is a 14" stand-alone digital snare pad in a heavy-duty casing and was made for the use with the new Roland flagship module TD-50.
  • This pad fits all conventional snare stands and is outfitted with a new triple-ply mesh head which is only available in 14". What makes it stand out is its "floating" middle layer, giving it an incredibly realistic playing feel (it will really get you moving!).
  • Located at the bottom of the PD-140DS is a button to connect (and update!) the snare with and by the internet and also register it to the TD-50 module upon first-time use. In addition to the conventional trigger setup consisting of piezoelectric cushion and rim sensors, the new Roland V-Drum Digital Pads feature electrostatic elements on the playing surface and shell to get an even more accurate signal.
  • In total the signal is being sampled by two piezoelectric triggers and six sensors which make the playing surface sensitive to touch.
  • Sound can now be stopped by the touch of a hand, the snare registers X-Stick (cross stick) movements from touching the drum head, etc.
  • All the new Roland Digital Pads are connected to the TD-50 sound module via USB.


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17 Jul 2017

Great product

Incredible product. I think the rebound of drum tec products still better but the position sense of it is just outstanding.

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