How does the Trade-In Tool work?

The interactive drum-tec Trade In Tool helps you to trade your used E-Drum components in by drum-tec (like e.g. Modules, Pads, Cymbals Multi-Pads), and to choose the proper new equipment.

The course -very simple:

  • On the left side, you select the used components you want to trade in
  • The value of the new components has to be equal or higher then the value of the trade in components
  • On the right side, you select the desired new components (minimum 300 €)
  • Fill out the form below and click send
=>No cumpulsory contract is signed, but you just put an inquiry of purchase!

What happens next:

  • Having received your inquiry via drum-tec Trade In Tool, we check it and reply to you via E-mail
  • You send your Trade-In items to us
  • We inspect the used items (for function, condition and completeness) and send you an invoice for the new ones via E-Mail in advance. Of cource, you receive new goods with full 3 years warranty - unless we prearranged something different
  • If everything is OK and we received your payment, your new E-Drum components start off on a journey to you, and you will get an information by the UPS -Tracking System

Unpack, Connect, Feel Fine – Our Service

Enjoy your new play feeling! If you ever need help, we will help you as a competent service partner!

Further Quesions?

We are pleased to aswer any questions about the drum-tec Trade In Tool, via Phone (++49-5152-698860) or E-Mail (Click: "Questions to drum-tec Trade In Tool")

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