++ EU ONLY ++ Our trade-in / purchasing of used edrums service is only available from inside of the EU!

Please note: Whenever we buy your used drums from any place outside of the EU, the goods have to go through customs which results in import duties. These fees and the accompanying work necessary to process your incoming shipment would negatively impact the price we could pay for your gear, which is why we do not offer this service for countries outside of the EU.

We buy your used e-drums (from inside of the EU)!

Most used gear ends up in the classifieds somewhere and who actually thinks of asking their favorite dealer to buy up used (electronic) instruments?
We offer precisely this: You can trade in your gear to reduce the amount you will have to pay checking out. And your older instruments will find a new home with someone hunting for a deal!

Used New

Use our upgrade tool below to easily find out whether your components are eligible for a trade in

You will understand that we won't be able to just buy up any old stuff. But with our upgrade tool it's wonderfully easy to find out if your instruments are supported.
Just look for the product you want to sell in the trade in section and select your new gear in the get new section.

It's easy as pie!

  • The trade in section shows you which products we will buy
  • The get new section let's you select your new purchase (Minimum 500€)
  • The sum of your new order has to be at least the trade in value
  • Fill out the form with your info and click the button to send your trade in request
⇒ This is not yet a confirmed order, neither you nor we have agreed on anything yet!

Here's what happens next:

  1. After checking your trade in request we will be in touch by email.
  2. You send us your gear
  3. We will check your used gear (does it work, look good and is it complete?) and if everything is in order we will send you a preliminary invoice for products that will be new, with a 3-year warranty, unless you wanted something else.
    You can also use the trade in tool to buy used gear, just make sure the minimum order value is at least 500€.
  4. After we received your payment we will ship your newly purchased products immediately! You will receive a confirmation from the UPS tracking system (QuantumView) and can track your order just as you would any other drum-tec order.

A few important things to note:

Is your shipment complete?

  • Are all cables included?
  • Are the cymbal mounts included?
  • You can send us a checklist in copy
    If you're not sure anymore what was included in the original shipment please ask us!

Did you select the correct items?

  • If your product is not listed in the trade in tool we will not buy it!
    ! Please do not select a similar product !
  • Do all letters and numbers of the product and the trade in tool match?
    Sometimes additional letters or numbers are at the end of the product name and we won't be able to buy your product.

Unbox, connect, enjoy - the drum-tec service:

Enjoy your new playing experience! Should you ever need help we will gladly be at your service.

Any further questions?

Please email us your questions to: Questions about the trade in tool.
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