Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat

Roland VH-14D V-Drums Digital Hi-Hat
Roland VH-14D V-Drums Digital Hi-Hat
Roland VH-14D V-Drums Digital Hi-Hat
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Roland VH-14D Hi-Hat 14“

  • Digital two piece e-cymbal pad with top and bottom
  • High-Resolution Sound-Triggering
  • Authentic rebound and natural feel
  • Precise detection of velocity, stick position and opening level
  • 360° playability of bow, edge and cup
  • Best processing of your open-close foot technique and chokeable with your hand
  • Thin profile for realistic feel
  • Latency-free response thanks to digital signal transmission
  • Works with Roland TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X modules

The Roland V-Drum Digital Hi-Hat VH-14D represents the premium class of realistic E-Hi-Hats on the market. Both touch sensitivity and sound variety as well as the resolution of the open/closed states are transmitted in unprecedented resolution. The two-piece hi-hat with the two thin 14" pads offers you a familiar look and a natural feel. The high-resolution multi-sensor system detects your velocity, stick position and footwork with maximum precision. In addition to authentically reproduced foot splashes, you can mute the cymbals by hand just like on an acoustic drum kit. All of your action is delivered to your module realistically, latency-free, and in high resolution. This allows you precise and expressive drumming with very delicate reproduction of your style.

The VH-14D is the ideal match for the PD-140S digital snare and CY-18DR digital ride. These three components make up the instrument family of Roland's powerful digital technology. Due to the special Digital Trigger Output and the necessary processing power, the Digital Hi-Hat is exclusively compatible with the Roland TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X modules. To take full advantage of the VH-14D's capabilities, we recommend combining it with the TD-50X, Roland's flagship sound module, or a TD-50 with the TD-50X upgrade installed. These modules come with new sounds that have been completely adjusted to the capabilities of the VH-14D. With a free system update, the TD-50 and TD-27 can also be run with the VH-14D.


  • High resolution trigger technology
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Authentic hi-hat size
  • 360° playable and chokeable
  • Precise detection of your footwork
  • High dynamic range
  • Latency-free signal transmission
  • Compatible with Roland e-drum modules with digital trigger (TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X)

Technical specifications:

  • Size: 14"
  • Colour: black
  • Trigger input: Digital trigger


  • 14“ Bottom + Top Cymbal
  • Spacers
  • Digital Trigger Cable
  • Cable Velcro
Type: Hi-Hat
Size in inch: 14
Color: Black
Trigger zones: Dual Zone

Reviews 3
Customer reviews
12 Jun 2022


Nie mehr was anderes! Das Spielgefühl kommt einer 'echten' HiHat sehr nahe. Rundherum spielbar (nicht nur in einem engen Keil), und dynamisch like hell!!!

14 Apr 2022

Besser geht es nicht

Der Kauf dieser Hihat lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. Kommt einer normalen Hihat super nah, auch mit dem EZ Drummer oder Superior Drummer keine Probleme: Plug and Play! So muss das! Ich habe das TD27 und es muss die Firmware 1.11 installiert sein, sonst funktioniert die Hihat nicht. War bei mir so. Ein freundlicher Mitarbeiter von Drumtec konnte mir mit diesem Hinweis dann doch noch den Tag versüßen ?. Danke dafür.

14 Sep 2021


Die HiHat so nah an eine NaturHihat zu bringen war immer der Wunsch eines jeden E Drummers. Endlich merkt man so gut wie keinen Unterschied mehr. Einfach mega zu spielen.

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