drum-tec Cymbal Mute Deprivator Thunderkill

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Cymbal Mute Deprivator Thunderkill

  • Create near-silent* cymbals in just two swipes
  • Play your cymbals at home as powerfully as you do on stage!
  • For your classic cymbal, low noise cymbal and triggered low volume cymbal - the Mute elastic band fits them all
  • The stretch band is quick and easy to put on and take off

*You no longer hear any cymbal sound but only a "clack" when struck.

Cymbal Mutes - the solution for quiet cymbals

Cymbal Mute Bands "Deprivator Thunderkill" are a super simple and quick solution to mute your cymbals really effectively. These smartly designed stretch bands simply wrap around the edge of your cymbal and that''s it. That gives you the ability to drum and practice with the same power at home as you do on stage. And it doesn't matter if you play classic cymbals, low noise cymbals or triggered low volume cymbals!

Universal use and always with you

The Cymbal Mutes fit any cymbal size and are easily assigned to your cymbals by indicating the diameter on the band. The material is absolutely robust and tear-proof. The practical bands fit in any cymbal bag and do not take up space.


  • Can be used with classic cymbals, low noise cymbals and triggered low volume cymbals
  • Sturdy and tear-resistant material
  • Size embroidered for quick assignment
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