Arborea CymbalTone cymbal felts 5-pack (red)

Arborea CymbalTone Beckenfilze 5er Pack (rot)
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Arborea CymbalTone felt washers - red - 5 pieces

Aborea CymbelTone cymbal washers are made from a high quality foam material and are a significant improvement in the areas of volume development, sound compared to traditional felt washers. Arborea CymbalTone are uniform in size and density. Optimise your cymbal suspension and isolate the cymbal from your stands and other mounting parts. Enjoy a better, volume optimised sound experience.

  • Colour: red
  • special felt material
  • better sound quality of the cymbals
  • Decouples the cymbals from the cymbal stand
  • width: 39 mm
  • height: 11 mm
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