Percussion & Sample Pads
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Percussion & Sample Pads

What are Sample Pads?

Sample Pads are compact electronic drum kits. They are used to enrich acoustic drum kits and percussion sets. A multi sample pad as a stand-alone instrument offers a lot of playable pads and a wide variety of sounds, effects and samples in a small space.

Many sample pads have a large selection of sounds. Their sound library can be expanded with new samples and sounds. Good pads support editing of your own sounds.

What is a sample pad good for?

Sampling pads can complement an acoustic drum kit. You can also use them as part of a percussion setup. Depending on the performance on stage, you can also use the sample pad as a stand-alone instrument.

In the studio or at recording sessions, the Sample Pad gives you a complete compact drum kit to make live drum recordings in a small space.

What can a Multi Trigger Sample Pad do?

Multi Trigger Sampling Pads offer several trigger pads on one surface. Often a sample pad has 6 or 9 playing areas. Such pads are for example the Roland SPD-SX Pro Sampling Pad or the Yamaha DTMX12.

Usually, the pads are arranged in two or three rows, one above the other, with 3 or 4 pads in the row. They can be played as complete small drums. Due to the compact arrangement of the patterns, playing drums on the Sampling Pad is especially easy.

What are single Sampling Pads for?

Small trigger pads with one trigger surface are intended for single effects and samples. Drummers who only occasionally need a handclap or a special sound are well advised to use a single pad. Such pads are for example the Roland SPD-1P Percussion Pad or the Roland SPD-1W Wav Pad.

You can add as many of these pads to your set as you like. A single pad is also suitable for all applications besides normal drumming. For example, for singers who need a cow bell sound to play along with the beat of the song.

Many single sampling pads are velocity sensitive. They usually have a selection of effects and instrument sounds that can be varied in pitch and adjusted to complement the entire sound with reverb or delay.

With a single trigger pad, you always have one sound at a time - just like a single drum.

What are the benefits of a sample pad for your acoustic drums?

A sampling pad is the ideal addition to an existing acoustic set.

In addition to your individual acoustic drum sound, you can add any effect sound, an additional snare style, cymbal sounds or all kinds of percussion to your performance from the sample pad.

The Sample Pad requires only little space on the kit and can be integrated into your setup or drum rack with a suitable stand or holder.

A sampling pad for your percussion setup?

A sampling pad is a great way to build the center of your percussion setup. It offers a wide range of sounds. In live performance and also in the studio you have the advantage that all sounds go directly from the pad into the mixing console. You don't need any microphones.

Due to the compact design of the pad you have enough space for other acoustic instruments like congas, timbales and everything you like to have around you.

The Sampling Pad is your library for anything you want to play. It provides you with virtually limitless possibilities.

Sampling Pad as a stand alone instrument on stage?

For musicians who want to play beats, grooves and effects in addition to keyboards, guitar or microphone, sample pads are perfect. They are small, easy to use and have a wide range of sounds. Good pads have inserts for your own backing tracks and samples.

They play what you want, when you want. With a pair of sticks, you can play along with it. And on the next track, the same little pad gives you new unlimited possibilities.

Sampling Pad for Studio, Home Recording and Session?

A sampling pad is perfect for studio and home recording. It can be easily integrated into your configuration with its stereo outputs. The pad offers a variety of sounds by the touch of a button.

Especially for recording sessions and for trying out different sounds for the perfect track, a Multi Trigger Sample Pad is ideal. With the pad you can play live to your tracks.

Which inputs and outputs should a sample pad have?

For the live gig and the rehearsal room, the stereo output is usually sufficient. Better sample pads like the Roland SPD-SX Pro offer multiple direct outs for individual pads. Midi In/Out and USB are also integrated in this pad.

Additional E-Drum Pads on the Sample Pad?

Good multi sample pads offer connection options for additional drum pads or triggers. This allows you to expand your set. You can integrate a kick drum, a snare pad, eBans, cymbal pads and even a hi-hat controller. Your sample pad becomes a real eye-catcher on stage. With the external pads you can access all sounds in the device.

How expensive are sampling pads?

At drum-tec you will find a large selection of sample pads. We give individual support and offer the right pad for you at a good price.