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drum-tec is worth a journey!

We are Europe's largest e-drum specialist. We love e-drums and are always available for your questions!

We are selling from drummer to drummer!

At drum-tec everything revolves around the e-drummer: We take the time for our customers. Being musicians ourselves we are familiar with the typical full range instrument store experience. The employees often times seem to be too busy or not informed enough for your specific needs or they just don't share or even understand your passion. That is why we choose to companion our customers on their way to a new e-drum. With focused consultation, competency and of course coffee if you need some!

Konrad Müller-Bremeyer, founder of drum-tec on...

...why the founding of drum-tec was probably a product of chance and how even Led Zeppelin played a role:

When I was ten years old my brothers and I went to see Led Zeppelin's “The Song Remains the Same”. And I was completely mesmerized by Jon Bonham. First on the drums and then on his Harley. It was an epiphany: I too had to become a drummer!

My first drum kit turned out to be a used New Sound set but at least it had Paiste cymbals. What really got to me though were the piercing sounds out of the Simmons V. Thank you, Spliff and Genesis! In the following 25 years I bought and enthusiastically played every e-drum I could get my hands on. Founding what could just be the world's biggest e-drums specialist was clearly not on my mind. Yet.

There were curiosities like the analog e-drum Cactus, multiple Simmons inspired kits from eastern Europe, probably all the actual Simmons pads and sound modules. I played the Roland Alpha, varying Dynacord options, the Tama Techstar, the Pearl Syncussion and the Sonor Mini Mammut until the big relief in 1996: A dream came true – the Roland TD-10 V-Drum – the long overdue breakthrough! At least that was how I perceived it back in the spring of '96 in Berlin Kreuzberg: A revelation.

Over the next 10 years I played the drums in different art-rock constellations on my always expanding Roland V-Drums setup. Eventually I became a dad of three and to secure a future for my family I founded a distribution company.

When I browsed eBay in 2004 for parts for my Simmons kit I stumbled upon the American manufacturer Hart Dynamics and everything should change: From this moment forward my business-gene was constantly nagging me, telling me: “this is what Europe has been waiting for – come on, go ahead and import the stuff!”

I thought back to all the frustrating experiences I had shopping at the usual music stores in northern Germany. It mostly went on like: “Well, the colleague who knows this stuff isn't working today... and who likes those pizza boxes anyway?” And thus I drafted a concept and wrote the business plan for Europe's first e-drum specialist. Not only did I show it to my bank, but also to the sales managers of Roland, Yamaha and ddrum (which back then was an important player).

While my bank thought my plan was solid and quickly gave me the OK the e-drum companies were a little more hesitant and skeptical. But that did not stop me in my ways and I began searching for my first co-worker. Finally, I hired Uwe Kunz who became a partner in 2006 and who is a major part of writing the successful drum-tec story.

In the fall of 2004 we started with a self-built web shop, a 8m² office, 30m² storage and an exhibition of 30m² in Auetal, Germany. From the very start we stocked Roland, Yamaha, ddrum and exclusively for Europe also Hart Dynamics products.

Every year new employees joined the team and we are constantly growing and expanding further ever since. More brands followed in to our product selection and we began manufacturing useful accessories ourselves.

We also funneled our own expertise and the feedback we received from our customers into the design of our very own product range of high-end electronic drums: The Jam and diabolo series and the pro series, the design of which being virtually indistinguishable from traditional acoustic drums.

In the beginning all I wanted was to be a little bit like Jon Bonham. And now the best explanation for the emergence of drum-tec seems to be that money and business did indeed follow passion. Especially since starting out only few expected that our work, our Made in Germany drums and all of our ideas would be so well received by the e-drum community.

And now, twelve years after we started and having expanded yet again, we have moved to a new location. Since October 1, 2016 you will find us in Fischbeck, Hessisch Oldendorf. Located in-between Dortmund and Hannover and easily accessible coming from the Autobahn A2. The new location gives us access to a modern 3000m² storage area, a logistics center, sales and distribution offices and about 250m² of exhibition space. Our new e-drum paradise finally provides us with all the opportunities needed to ascend into the league of the world's foremost specialists. And that is where we are heading!

Why is drum-tec so unique?

Mission Impossible for the big all rounders – We can maintain our incredibly comprehensive service since we are focused on our strengths!

  • You want complete access to EVERYTHING? Only we can make that happen. We can guarantee to have the world's biggest selection of e-drums starting from the mid-price range (where the fun begins) for you to test and check out in detail! We are also the only store that can provide you with all of the drum-tec sets.
  • We are with you every step of the way: You will get an in-depth consult and advice on which e-drum configuration will fit your needs best! Before, while and even after your purchase!
  • You want to experience the entire world of electronic drumming without worrying about time or distractions?
  • You want you test out every option in your own time without having to worry about taking away space from other customers?
  • You want a personal configuration and not the off-the-shelf solution?
  • We know that there are different personal needs for different situations! Only with us you get access to all possible configurations with add-ons, silent options, drum-tec sound editions and nifty tools tailored to your needs!

If you can answer any one of the above points with “Oh yes!” then we invite you to check us out in person to experience the whole world of e-drums. And if not? Come anyway, we will gladly try our best to satisfy you!

Our customers considers us worth the trip!

Often enough the visit to drum-tec becomes a day filling but rewarding venture. We asked many of you and it turned out that most customers travel from 200 to 250km and stay for 2 to 3 hours at drum-tec.

Naturally, we will provide you with everything you need to reach a decision stress-free! Whether you take your time to go for a walk, test and re-test every option once again or lounge in our cafeteria before you settle for a setup: We don't want to rush you into anything but rather have you satisfied for weeks, months and years to come!

Our recommendation: Bring a little bit of spare time, we plan on taking the time for you!

  • When talking to customers we learned how important it can be to trust your gut. You should always get the option that really makes you feel good. And not just for a brief moment but for years to come. That's why we wouldn't want to rush you into the option easiest for us but instead find out together what you actually need!
  • We offer an introduction and helpful guidance to the world of e-drums for every novice!
  • Alongside every set you buy we provide you with an introduction on how to best operate your e-drum set, what accessories and add-ons might be useful or answer other questions you may have. We want you to leave us with the knowledge to setup once you are home and be able to start playing immediately after.
  • We try our hardest to have everything ready to ship at anytime!
  • Being Europe's only e-drum specialist we will of course be there for you even after your purchase with competent advice and troubleshooting. Just give us a call and we will help you finding out what's wrong and how to correct it so you can focus on the actual fun part: Drumming!

drum-tec North: We are located near the Autobahn A2 about 45km south of Hannover and near Hamelin within the beautiful Weserbergland. You can reach us by car coming from Hamburg in about 2 hours. Berlin or Frankfurt are about 3 hours away.

Should you choose to schedule an overnight stay for your visit to drum-tec we wholeheartedly recommend an idyllically located hotel with an exquisite restaurant. It is only 10 minutes by car from our northern store on top of a hill and surrounded by forest: A perfect and exclusive conclusion to your visit at drum-tec. We recommend the Schaumburger Ritter.

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