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Your partner for a full range of drums

Drums are our world - and the range of drum sets, drums and cymbals, hardware and accessories on the market is huge. We have an overview of new and tried-and-tested products, high-end drums and beginner sets. We can advise you on all aspects of acoustic drums and e-drums. Tama, Ludwig, Mapex, Sonor, DW, Yamaha, Zildjian, Agean, Meinl, Sabian - everything we offer in our store is available worldwide.

Your manufacturer of high-end E-Drums

In our manufactory in Northern Germany, we create e-drums of the highest quality. The drum-tec pro 3 series is our answer to the question of the world's best electronic drums. Together with the diabolo and Jam 3 series we want to offer you the best electronic drum for your needs in every range, from the ambitious newcomer to the professional. You won't get an off-the-shelf drum set from us - you will get your very own custom e-drum made from the best components available. Take us at our word and test our E-Drums!

Your world's largest specialized dealer for E-Drums, Pads, Parts and Modules

At drum-tec you get everything that makes your e-drummer heart beat faster. Roland, Yamaha, ATV, EFNOTE, GEWA, Pearl... we deliver the hottest e-drums to (almost) all countries at attractive prices. Everything you buy comes with a 3 year warranty, our pro 3 series pads even come with a 5 year warranty!

Your personal guide and contact for questions about acoustic and electronic drums.

At drum-tec, your purchase starts long before the deal and doesn't end with the shipment of the goods. You are a customer and we are a retailer, but what unites us is this: We are all drummers. And we are on equal footing. Whatever your question, ask our sales & support team!

Led Zeppelin, Berlin-Kreuzberg and the coincidence

Konrad Müller-Bremeyer, founder and CEO, on the history of drum-tec

Konrad Müller-Bremeyer

I saw the Led Zeppelin movie "The Song Remains the Same" at the cinema with my older brothers when I was ten years old. After John Bonham stunned me first on the drums and then on his Harley, it was clear: You have to play drums! You have to ride a Motorcycle and you want to be free!

My first drum kit was an old New Sound. But it had Paiste cymbals - after all. My heroes were Stewart Copeland and Neil Peart. But what really flashed me were the piercing sounds of the Simmons V played by Spliff and Genesis.

For the next 20 years, I enthusiastically bought and played whatever the electronic drum market had to offer in the '80s and '90s. I drummed my way through curious analog E-Drums, starting with the first Pearl Syncusion, through every possible pad and module by Simmons, various Dynacord sets and samplers, a Tama Techstar and the Roland Alpha Drum. The salvation came in 1996.

With the release of the Roland TD-10, a dream came true: Roland's first V-Drum was nothing less than a revelation for me, back then at Sound & Drumland in Berlin Kreuzberg on a February day in 1996.

For the next 10 years, I enthusiastically drummed my ever-growing Roland V-Drums in various art rock formations.

At the end of the 90s I became a father of three and started a mail order business to provide a secure future for my young family. But in 2003, while looking for analog electronic drum rarities on eBay, I stumbled upon the American manufacturer Hart Dynamics. From that point on, EVERYTHING was to change! From that moment on, my merchant gene said: "This is what the world of e-drums in Europe has been waiting for! Import it! Sell it!

We do not like pizza plates

My frustrating experiences in the usual music stores in northern Germany had not been forgotten. Often the motto was: "The guy who knows about it is not here right now. And we don't like those pizza plates anyway.

And so I developed the concept and the business plan for drum-tec - Europe's first E-Drum specialist. I presented it to the bank and the distributors of Roland, Yamaha and also ddrum, who were still playing a big role in electronic drums at that time. While the bank approved the whole thing as solid and granted a little start-up capital, the E-Drum manufacturers were rather skeptical at first.

But that didn't stop me from looking for suitable premises and the first employees. Together with Uwe Kunz, who was to run the drum-tec south branch until his departure in 2021, I started a self-built online shop in late fall 2004, in a small 8 m² office, with 30 m² storage space and a small showroom.

From the very beginning we focused on the "drum-tec USP", on our uniqueness. Besides Roland, Yamaha and ddrum, we carried the American manufacturers Hart Dynamics, Smarttrigger and KAT. We grew and expanded, hiring new staff every year and adding more and more exotic e-drum brands to our portfolio. But most of all, we began to develop practical accessories and, in particular, the drum-tec mesh heads.

The result of our experience with electronic drums and the feedback of our customers was the creation of our own electronic drum lines. As early as 2008, the first drum-tec pro set saw the light of day in the world of e-drums. This was followed by the diabolo series in 2011, the drum-tec Jam series in 2013 and today we are proud to present our current series pro 3, diabolo and Jam 3.

Business Follows Passion

A big step was the move to our new and of course larger company building in Hessisch Oldendorf near Hanover, close to the A2 autobahn. This is where we currently have

  • 6,000 m² of modern warehouse and logistics space with 3 packing lines, returning and service department
  • a unique showroom as E-Drum paradise on 400 m² display area
  • more than 500 m² office space for all departments
  • the drum-tec manufactory with engineering department, production and adaptive 3D-production
  • a large photo studio, a streaming studio and our Creative Drum Sound Lab
  • event facilities for masterclasses and workshops and even our own cafeteria

In the beginning I just wanted to emulate John Bonham. Today it seems to me that "business follows passion" is the only true explanation for this evolution. Who would have thought that our work and creativity, the Made in Germany series, the amount of ideas and joy would receive such a great response and feedback from the worldwide e-drum community. So a big thank you to you, the thousands of e-drummers all over the world:

Thank You for being a part of the drum-tec history & family ❤

Today, drum-tec is managed by Matthias Lück (Sales), Philipp Kowalczyk (IT) and myself as CEO. Creative and energetic, we work and act together to benefit our team of more than 30 wonderful and diverse people. And these people are a wild bunch. Ideas and sometimes whole products are not born on the drawing board, but out of enthusiasm in the corridor, during breaks, barbecues or kickers. Almost all of them are drummers, musicians or gearheads, so there is a lot of creativity.

We Are Family

Dear colleagues: It is great pleasure to work for and with you!

In 2024, we will celebrate 20 years of drum-tec. Looking back on this long period, I see a lot of development, but also the permanent change and movement of the company. With all that comes and goes, the one big idea still remains: "To give drummers all over the world the best we can offer!" This aspiration and this overarching company purpose will continue to carry us forward. And it is the sum of so much. Therefore, to all the alumni as well: Thank you! Without your contribution drum-tec would not be where we are today!

I am excited and curious and I look forward to many more successful and lively drum-tec years!


Visiting drum-tec

In our showroom in Hessisch Oldendorf/Fischbeck near Hanover, close to the A2 autobahn, you can test and play every serious electronic drum kit of the relevant brands and of course the complete range of drum-tec e-drums pro 3, diabolo and Jam 3. We will be at your side with advice, assistance and a cup of coffee. Many of our customers come from all over Europe and spend a whole day trying out everything they like. Walking in the woods or stopping at a restaurant for refreshments is not uncommon. We will be happy to help you find a hotel room in the area, and can even arrange a pickup from the train station or airport.

Where is drum-tec?

drum-tec: We are located near the Autobahn A2 about 45km south of Hannover and near Hamelin within the beautiful Weserbergland. You can reach us by car coming from Hamburg in about 2 hours. Berlin or Frankfurt are about 3 hours away.

Should you choose to schedule an overnight stay for your visit to drum-tec we wholeheartedly recommend an idyllically located hotel with an exquisite restaurant. It is only 10 minutes by car from our northern store on top of a hill and surrounded by forest: A perfect and exclusive conclusion to your visit at drum-tec. We recommend the Schaumburger Ritter.

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