drum-tec real feel mesh head

drum-tec real feel Mesh Head
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drum-tec real feel Mesh Head: E-Drums can feel that good!

  • Authentic: Unique rebound for your real feel playing experience
  • Unrestricted: You don't have to hold back, the mesh fabric is robust and durable
  • Precise: Your play is precisely transmitted to the trigger

Indispensable, especially on the snare

Finally, your grooves feel exactly like they do on an acoustic set!
Many mesh heads suffer from an immoderate rebound effect. With drum-tec real feel technology, this rebound is tamed.
Your advantage: You can practice quietly and transfer what you have learned directly to acoustic drums!

Quiet and authentic

The feel of acoustic drums, the volume of a mesh head set:
You not only get sensational rebound, the real feel mesh heads are even almost as quiet as our two-ply design mesh heads!

3-Ply technology

Your outstanding playing experience comes from three coordinated plies:
The unique drum-tec real feel technology combines three special mesh layers in such a way that the rebound resembles an acoustic set.


  • real feel rebound in acoustic style
  • three layer structure
  • precise triggering with center trigger systems
  • sturdy fabric head with very long life
  • quiet (suitable for practicing)

By the way: The drum-tec e-kicks of all pro and diabolo series have a specially developed real feel trigger system and therefore do not need an additional real feel mesh head.

Type: 3-lagig
Series: real feel

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Customer reviews
24 Feb 2024

Authentic Feel

I really like the way these play

26 Oct 2023

Tolles Produkt

War beim Auspacken etwas skeptisch, da das Mesh ziemlich Falten geworfen hatte. Ich habe es dann auf mein 12er Standtom gespannt, Trigger dran gemacht und hatte sofort ein gutes Ergebnis. Spielbarkeit ist top.

22 Sep 2023


i just installed these "real feel" mesh heads. 10-13-14 on my toms. i love these. a tad bit louder but they really do feel real. love the build quality and they look great. i think they are better than rolands mesh heads! pick these up now

6 Sep 2023

resistance à revoir

J'ai aimé la sensation de jeux mais elle n'aura pas résisté longtemps: sa première couche a cédé en spectacle, la seconde aura tenue jusqu'à la fin heureusement. Je retourne chez Roland à contre cœur vue le prix, mais je serai un peu plus confiant.

23 Apr 2023

Exceptional Quality and Durability

I have had the same Real Feel heads on my Roland kit since May 2021 and they are still in perfect condition and play awesome. And that's not through a lack of playing time. They are not bouncy, no tennis racquet feel. These heads are much cheaper than Roland and far better.

28 Mar 2023

Look and feel great. Less sensitive than the Basic line.

Real Feel heads are high quality and feel great. They also look great because they are almost opaque. But they do have reduced sensitivity to low velocity hits as compared to dual or especially single ply heads. You have to decide if feel, look, or sensitivity is most important to you.

29 Dec 2022

Perfect, but ...

These are perfect mesh heads in terms of durability and playability. But (especially on small drums) they make a lot more noise than the 2 ply heads.

28 Dec 2022

Fantastic heads

Very good skins to play on, feel very natural.
Definitely worth buying it.

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