drum-tec real feel mesh head

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drum-tec real feel mesh head

white ++ triple ply ++ quiet ++ unique real feel rebound ++ perfect triggering ++ long service life

Playing an e-drum has never before been this authentic!

Three layers of high-quality fabric reduce the rebound even further to exactly match an acoustic drum head. Unbeatable on the snare drum (pun only somewhat intended). The real feel mesh heads are not see-through and really make for a great visual while still being almost as quiet as our design mesh heads!

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8 Oct 2020

22" Real Feel Mesh Heads?

Hey, are you guys ever going to have 22" Real Feel heads in stock again? Asking for a friend. =)

drum-tec Team 9 Oct 2020

Hey Kenneth,

you can tell your friend to be on the lookout starting mid November! ;)


10 Sep 2020

Сool Meshheads

The net looks very reliable, and when stretched, it gives a good feeling when playing. I really liked it!I installed it on a 14 " snare drum with a homemade 3-sensor system, also installed the RimNoise Eliminator and eventually got a great drum pad

8 Aug 2020


So i bought a single Real Feel head just to try on my Alesis Strike snare I'd heard alot of people saying how good they are and even though I have gotten used to the trampoline effect and considering the original black Alesis head arent too bad anyway I was slightly dubious on the Drum Tec.
All I can say is that white heads look so much better and the actual feel really is very similar to an acoustic snare, completely worth the money.
I'm back here now buying more Real Feels for my 8' 10' and 12' now. :)

19 Jul 2020

Real Feel = the real deal

I just put one of these on my 14" snare, replacing the 682 Drums 3-ply it (and all the rest of the drums in my kit) came new with, and it is absolutely awesome. Night and day difference. THIS feels like a snare drum. The play and triggering are both remarkably superior now. I am also noticing a substantial difference (in a good way) in positional sensing detection with the eDRUMin Trigger to MIDI interface devices I am using instead of modules.

It is hard to explain but playing on the other snare head felt plastic-y, the way the sticks rebound doing rolls and such, and positional sensing was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Playing the same snare with the Real Feel head on and tensioned evenly feels VERY much like a real drum head.

In my research leading up to the decision to "go" having an e-kit built, I had seen a number of people speak very well of these drum heads and they are regarded by many to be the best you can get. Having personal experience playing one now, I am fully impressed with them.

I am so impressed in fact that I am just going to just go ahead and replace the 682 Drums 3-ply heads my 8 toms came with as well -- I was going to wait to do this next year but I've been having some other head related anomalies especially on the 16" floor tom. I wish I had just gotten the Drum-Tec Real Feel heads to start with.

I would definitely recommend these as first choice and not even waste your time or money with anything else. I did buy a Design series head for my 22" bass on Marcus' advice.

30 May 2020

Good skin

I bought a 14" head to replace my snare head on my stike pro kit and it's a big improvement from the standard alesis mesh head that was way too bouncey.
After getting this one as a test I will be replacing my whole kit with drum tec heads.
Also delivered within 4 days which is good going with covid

25 May 2020


Why did I not buy this sooner?. Absolutely top class. Forget the rest. This Reel Feel triple ply mesh heads is what you have to try out. And a trust worthy company handles you order perfectly. My sincere compliments!!

7 May 2020


The best silent mesh drumhead for an acoustic set with or without trigger.
Upgrade from Remo Silentstroke.
Feeling is very close to real drumhead, it's marvelous.
Acoustic sound is good, married with Zildjian Low Volume.
Very fast delivery to France with UPS (4 days), even with the COVID crisis.
Thank you !

30 Apr 2020


I Ordered the real feel mesh head as replacement for my Roland mesh snarehead which had teared. It's lot quieter, I'm actually really surprised by this and it makes my roommate happy :)
It also feels more natural compared to the roland head so I will be replacing all my Roland heads in the future.

Ordered from outside of Germany but it was still delivered within 3 days, even during these lockdown times. Great job!

17 Mar 2020

Ein Traum

spiele seit 20 Jahren auf Roland Mesh Heads und ärgere mich, dass ich nicht schon früher umgestiegen bin. Fühlt sich super an, rebound ist auch ok. Habe den Mesh Head sehr straff gespannt und habe kaum noch sweep spot. Hammer

29 Oct 2019

Die besten Meshheads auf dem Markt!

Die Real Feel Meshheads sind mit Abstand die besten 3 Lagen Heads auf dem Markt! Ich hab schon für einige Pads welche gekauft und in 4 Jahren ist noch keins kaputt gegangen und der Versand war auch super schnell!

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