Roland TD-27 Sound Module incl. Module Upgrade V2 and Live Sound Edition

Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
Roland TD-27 Modul inkl.Modul Upgrade V2 und
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Roland TD-27 Drum Sound Module - Flagship-Class Sound, Maximum Expression

The TD-27 V-Drums module is loaded with the finest acoustic drum sounds you've ever heard. Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling produces drums that not only sound exceptional, but also respond just like real acoustic instruments when you play them. Advanced digital trigger inputs support Roland digital pads for unmatched expression, while new PureAcoustic Ambience Technology offers a variety of inspiring drumming spaces at the touch of a button. A wide selection of electronic sounds from Roland's rich sonic history are also included, providing must-have sounds for modern styles. And by loading and layering your own samples with internal drums, you're able to craft sounds that no other drummer can claim.

Ultimate V-Drums sound and expression with Prismatic Sound Modeling, PureAcoustic Ambience Technology, and digital trigger inputs.

  • Advanced sound module with Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50
  • Three digital trigger inputs for advanced Roland trigger pads like the 14" PD-140DS digital snare and 18" CY-18DR digital ride cymbal
  • Hands-on interface for quick-and-easy selecting and personalizing drum sounds
  • Drum in inspiring sound spaces with newly developed PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Overhead mic simulator and studio-level effects for processing drum sounds
  • Import your own WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
  • Multi-pin trigger jack and included cable for connecting with a standard V-Drums pad setup
  • Dedicated Crash 2 trigger input and three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills

Components of the Roland TD-27 sound module

  • Roland TD-27 sound module
    • incl. multicore trigger cable
    • incl. module holding plate
    • incl. manual
    • incl. power supply (german power cable (C7))
  • SD-Card with module upgrade V2 and drum-tec Live Sound Edition

TD-27 Version 2 Upgrade + drum-tec Live Sound Edition

New Kits - More Functions - Enhanced Effects

Exclusively at drum-tec you get the Roland upgrade to TD-27 version 2 together with the drum-tec Live Sound Edition - on an SD card and in a cool mini hardware case.

Your profit:

  • Original Roland TD-27 system upgrade to version 2.0 with many new functions
  • 10 new Roland kits in premium quality with custom samples like Acoustic and Arena Stage
  • 39 additional instrument samples for each existing Preset Kit or Custom Kit
  • 15 premium drum-tec kits programmed for stage use
  • Attack and sustain control from TD-50X
  • Improved sound layering with cross fade and more precise dynamics controle
  • New Compressor function for studio-like sound processing
  • Trigger support for the new thin V-Cymbals, including CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T

You get the upgrade and the drum-tec Live-Sound-Edition on SD-Card. For installation, simply follow the included QR-CODE to a tutorial. With this you can upgrade your TD-27 to the latest TD-27 V2 in no time.

Incredible Prismatic Sound Modeling

Derived from the flagship TD-50 module, the TD-27 is filled with drums that live and breathe like real acoustic instruments. We start by sampling the finest drums, percussion, and cymbals -- both vintage and modern -- in world-class recording studios. Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modeling is then applied to the samples, bringing them alive with proprietary behavior modeling refined over two decades. Every time you play a drum or cymbal in the module, you're not simply triggering a canned sound -- you're playing a full-bodied instrument that responds like its acoustic counterpart in every way, putting unlimited sonic range at your command.

Digital Trigger Technology

Roland's cutting-edge digital pad technology brings even deeper realism to the V-Drums experience. The TD-27 module features three digital trigger inputs, which work with advanced Roland digital pads like the PD-140DS snare and CY-18DR ride to deliver the most natural expression of your drumming. Multiple sensors and lightning-fast processing work together for truly amazing response, enabling you to play genuine techniques in the most natural way, with every nuance precisely detected and perfectly translated. And if you're not ready for digital pads just yet, the TD-27 also has analog trigger inputs for standard snare and ride pads.

Create (and Craft) Your Signature Drum Kit

With an acoustic kit, you make the sound your own by swapping head types, adjusting the tuning, applying damping, tweaking the snare wire tension, changing out the kick beater, and more. This is all possible with the TD-27 module, with hands-on controls and deep editing options that allow you to craft customized kits for any situation. You can also load your own WAV samples via SD media, using them on their own or layering them with internal sounds.

PureAcoustic Ambience Technology

New PureAcoustic Ambience Technology optimizes each kit, creating an incredibly natural and immersive sound field when playing. But you can go deeper too, and adjust the mic position on each drum kit, and dial in the overall sound with the newly developed overhead mic simulator. Finally, advanced onboard multi-effects and mixing capabilities give you the power of a full-scale studio console, with transient, parametric EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, and more at your command.

Connectivity for Stage and Studio

The TD-27 is a powerful command center for any electronic drumming setup, with ample connectivity options for both stage and studio use. There are stereo outputs for the overall drum sound, plus two direct outputs for sending kick, snare, and other sounds to an audio console for independent mixing. The built-in USB audio interface makes computer music production simple, with up to 28 discrete audio channels available over a single cable. MIDI is also supported via USB and dedicated I/O, allowing you to sync with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds in computer software.

Connections of the TD-27

Roland TD-27 Back Individual Outs

The individual connections of the TD-27

Versatile Trigger Support

In addition to its three digital trigger inputs, the TD-27 module features a multi-pin analog trigger jack for fast and easy connection with any standard V-Drums pad arrangement via an included cable. There's also a dedicated analog trigger input for a second crash cymbal pad, plus three auxiliary trigger inputs for customizing your setup by adding Roland kick, tom and cymbal pads, or trigger pads like the BT-1.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Built-In Coaching Tools

With the practice features in the TD-27 module, you'll always look forward to the next playing session. Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream audio from a phone or laptop to the module, perfect for immersive jams with headphones. Play along with favorite music tracks or mix the sound from a YouTube lesson video with the kit. Onboard coach functions build skills and track your progress, while the advanced metronome helps improve your inner clock. And at any time, you can record your playing and listen back to hear what you need to work on.

Samples: User Samples
Digital Inputs: 3
Bluetooth: Ja
Direct Outs: 2
Trigger Inputs: 4

Reviews 4
Customer reviews
8 Jun 2021

Sounds vom TD 27 gefallen mir überhaupt nicht!!!!

Im Gegensatz zum TD17 klingt das TD27 übel, leider. :-( . Voller Vorfreude habe ich nach dem Aufbauen und Anschließen des Kids eine mega Enttäuschung erlebt. Habe das Kid nach einigen Einstellung einfach nicht zum Klingen gebracht. Roland macht hier meiner Meinung nach vieles falsch. Auch die Drum-Tec Sound Edition gefällt mir leider da auch nicht. Das TD 17 dagegen klingt lebendig und realistisch, so wie man das sich wünscht. Werde das TD 27 zurück geben und mit dem TD 17 spielen.

29 Apr 2021

The perfect set for the intermediate drummer

I actually bought the TD-27 as a rehearsal set. It has the capabilities for 4 toms and 5 cymbals (plus hi-hat, kick and snare). But after a while I find myself making recordings to all of the bands I play in and also making new music with the set.

The sounds are quite dynamic. Rim hits include the sound of the head and the cymbals are - for once - more than decent. You can choose to have snare buzz on the toms, which is cool, though it is still a bit of a nuisance to play with cross stick. (I understand, this is not an issue if you have the digital snare PD-140DS.) It is easy to adjust the set, with the 4 knobs: instrument, level, tuning and muffling. Though preparing the stereo image takes a bit more twiddling.

You can layer the sounds, making even more dynamics. And did I mention the recording capabilities? Very easy to play along with a song and in a snap, you can record your performance.
But it is expensive. I would never spend this kind of money on an acoustic set. Well coming to think of it, I did, if including cymbals. But that is only one good old Taye. With the Roland TD-27 module, you have access to 100 sets, easily adjustable and all very well sounding.

Though I miss the presets of the more whacky sets from the earlier models (industrial). But they are easy to build.
I would recomend the TD-27 as the mid-level module it is. I am a semi professional drummer, and it definitely exceeds my needs. Meaning that there are features in the module I will probably never need. But isn’t it like that with all good electronic musical instruments?

Conclusion: The TD-27 is a versatile, good sounding, easy expandable module with good dynamics.

9 Sep 2020

Modul mit vielen Möglichkeiten

Ich hatte erst gezögert mir dieses Modul zu kaufen, weil mir die Sounds nicht besonders gefielen. Habe mich aber letztendlich doch dazu entschieden und es gegen das TD-25 Modul getauscht. Der Grund dafür ist ganz einfach der, das Roland im Juli ein neues update vorgenommen hat. Man hat u.a. 10 neue zusätzliche Akustik-Kits erstellt und Gleichzeitig alles was Akustik ist komplett neu überarbeitet. Und mit diesen Sounds kann man es kaufen. Hinzu kommt die fülle an Bearbeitungen die wirklich Klasse ist. Eines was mich stört ist die etwas Grobe Dynamische Abstufung der Klangbilder,aber die kann man durch die Bearbeitung auch Vernachlässigen. Und die Sound klingen nicht so plastisch wie beim TD-17,sondern sind in der Klangfarbe dem Original sehr nah. Tolles Modul !

5 Sep 2020

Sound schlechter als TD 17

Das Drummodul hat wirklich viele Applikationsmöglichkeiten. Sehr viele Inputs bzw. Schnittstellen. Aber was bringen die ganzen tollen Funktionen, wenn die Sounds schlecht klingen. Auch die wirklich immer guten Drumtec Sound Editionen schafft es in dem Modul leider nicht in die Region vom deutlich günstigeren TD 17 zu kommen. Wirklich richtig schade, werde es verkaufen, da es klingt , wie aus der Plastik Dose. Keine Dynamik , künstlich mit Software Bearbeitung zwar aufgepimmt, aber ziemlich unnatürlich. Freunde vom Digitalen E Sound könnten es wahrscheinlich recht gut finden. Für jemanden der den natürlichen Drum Sound benötigt, leider unbrauchbar.

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