drum-tec groovedot Single Zone for Kick Drums

drum-tec groovedot Single Zone für Kick Drums
drum-tec groovedot Single Zone für Kick Drums
drum-tec groovedot Single Zone für Kick Drums
drum-tec groovedot Single Zone für Kick Drums
drum-tec groovedot Single Zone für Kick Drums
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drum-tec groovedot Single Zone

  • Retrofittable rim rigger system "All in one" - invisible from the outside
  • No drilling into the shell - just attach it, done!
  • Perfect transmission of head strokes to your drum module
  • Your drum kit look remains "acoustic"
  • Fits any shell of any manufacturer
  • Compatible with many modules
  • Playable with mesh heads and conventional drum heads

Scope of delivery

  • drum-tec groovedot Single Zone
  • connection cable with 6,3 mm jack socket (70 cm length)
  • Assembling tools
  • Digital manual (QR-Code)

Turn your acoustic kit into a Hybrid Drum Kit or E-Drum!

With the drum-tec groovedot as a reliable edge trigger system and optionally also the drum-tec groovebar as a variable center trigger system, your drum kit becomes an E-Drum. You don't need a new set. You can expand your favorite acoustic drum set with the unlimited possibilities of an E-Drum in just a few steps. You can then play it as an E-Drum, use it as a hybrid drum set and continue to use it purely acoustically at any time without having to expand the groovedot triggers for this purpose.

What can the groovedot do?

The groovedot is an edge trigger that is installed directly on the inside wall of a drum shell. It captures your drumming finely and precisely. You need one groovedot per acoustic shell. You can use groovedots for your snare drum, your bass drum and in the rack toms and floor toms on your acoustic drum kit. The groovedot Dual Zone electronically transmits one edge trigger and one head trigger signal. The groovedot Single Zone is perfect for your bass drum as a single trigger with head signal detection only. A drum module can reproduce your individual performance from the signals in a realistic and natural way.

What makes the groovedot special?

Due to the simple but ingenious design of the groovedot, the two triggers for head and rim signal detection are mechanically decoupled. So a pure head stroke can't trigger a rim sound and a stroke on the rim won't produce a head sound. Your module always gets clear signals and a crosstalk of the sounds by resonating of the other trigger is avoided. This design makes the groovedot the ideal rim trigger system in all kettles where you play both the head and the rim. The groovedot Dual Zone is complemented by the grovedot Single Zone, which is a single trigger that precisely detects your bass drum playing on the drumhead and does not require edge detection.

The look of your set remains "acoustic"

You play a vintage acoustic drum set in top condition? You like the look of your noble premium kit? You want understatement in the look of your set, but full surprise for the audience when you play it? You want acoustic look with high end sound? Groovedots are ideal for that. The system is invisible from the outside. Only a small cable leads from the air hole on the side of your cauldron facing you to the module. Groovedots are suitable for any acoustic drum kit. From a simple entry-level set to a used Maxtone or Pearl Export to a high-end drum set or vintage drum. In any shell, the groovedot provides access to unlimited sound possibilities!

Instantly playable built-in triggers

The drum-tec built-in triggers are ideal for retrofitting an acoustic drum. You don't have to attach anything to the outside of the shell, you don't have to drill a hole, solder anything, or change anything about the look. Your set stays visually as it is. The groovedots are simply mounted inside on the screws of the existing pedestals.

Your sound possibilities go through the roof!

Every drum kit has its own sound. A Yamaha recording set sounds different than a Sonor Lite, a birch shell different than a rototome. How would it be if you always had the choice? With the groovedot and a good module, you can play unlimited sounds. Instantly and at the push of a button. The edge triggers from drum-tec make sure that your playing on your acoustic set is recognized in all its subtleties and an E-Drum module can bring to life from it all the nuances of the drum sound of your choice.

Playable with drum heads and mesh heads

The groovedot is convincing in interaction with conventional drum heads and with mesh heads. You can continue to play your acoustic set as an acoustic drum kit. The built-in trigger works just as well with acoustic drumheads as it does with E-Drums mesh heads. It's your choice whether you play a quiet E-Drum with mesh heads and acoustic look, or keep the acoustic sound and enrich it with the E-Drum module sound. The acoustic sound of your heads is also only minimally muffled by the lightly fitting foam head of the head trigger.

Head trigger without hot spot

The installation position far at the edge of the vessel reliably prevents overdriving of the signal by possible hot spot hits. These are strokes directly on the surface of the trigger, which would produce a distorted signal. Hot spots can occur with systems where the trigger is placed directly in the center of the hitting surface.

Flexible built-in triggers for many years of fun

The system lends itself to installation in any type of drum kit. You have a real vintage drum? You don't want to ruin the look of your expensive acoustic drum kit and don't want to drill holes in the shells? You want endless sound possibilities even for your beginner set? And someday you'll buy a new expensive acoustic kit and want to use the E-Drum technology of the old hybrid drum kit there? The groovedot triggers will accompany you as long as you want. You can remove them just as easily as you mounted them. No changes remain on the shell. The groovedots can be remounted as often as you like.

The drum-tec groovedot trigger system works with most E-Drum modules on the market. It works perfectly with any Roland E-Drum module from TD-3 to TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50 and TD-50X, with the Mimic Pro module from Pearl, all Roland Octapads and Multipads, the ATV module aD5 and xD3, all modules from EFNOTE and many more E-Drum modules.

Stable and light - and Handmade in Germany

Highly stable components made of metal and plastic protect the sensitive trigger piezos, which, with hard-wearing cylinder cones made of special foam, ensure permanently reliable pulse detection and first-class trigger signals. Compact dimensions and light weight make groovedot triggers compatible with any drum shell. Groovedot rim triggers are handmade in our drum-tec manufactory in Germany.

Type: Rim trigger
Trigger zones: Single Zone

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Customer reviews
6 Apr 2023

Très bien mais...

The principle is very simple and works very well for triggering a bass drum, at least with my EFnote 3 module it works very well. But be careful for its installation to have the screw section of the shell corresponding to the mounting rail. On a Tama Mini Club Jam, the rail is too narrow for M5 screws. So, no, it doesn't fit all drums. Drum tec was very responsive when I told them about the problem and should be receiving an M5 friendly version soon.

13 Feb 2023


Exellent drum trigger, I use it with TD 27 V-Drum and Ddrum 4 on mesh head kick drum

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