3 year warranty

Congratulations on your journey so far! Chances are you’re reading this page because you want to make sure that buying from drum-tec is safe.
We’re right there with you! If you’ve bought from us before you know there’s no reason to worry. But of course buying new products always comes with some residual risk, as sometimes unforeseen defects just happen.
What’s important is how it is handled when something does in fact break and we want you to be covered.
That’s why we’re happy to bear some of the risk for you by extending the manufacturer’s guarantee to a full 36 months!

3 year extended drum-tec warranty

drum-tec extends the manufacturer’s guarantee period (usually 12 or 24 months) to a full 36 months period free of charge for all deficiencies that are proven to be from faulty manufacturing or defective materials.
This extended warranty is not transferable and is exclusive to customers who are consumers.

BONUS: All new drum-tec pro series e-drums come with a 5 year drum-tec warranty!
drum-tec pro series e-drums are all e-drums sold as drum-tec pro, drum-tec pro 3, drum-tec pro custom and drum-tec pro-s. They are covered irrespective of whether they are sold as individual pads, shells sets, or as part of a full e-drum set.

Read pro series warranty

Excluded from this warranty are used products, computer products and accessories, products made by Alternate Mode and Muse Research. Items that are wear and tear products (such as mesh heads, rim noise eliminators, drum sticks/mallets, drum heads, cables, beaters, cleaning products, …) are generally excluded from the warranty, but may be covered, if the defects occurred despite appropriate care and because of demonstrably bad workmanship.
Also excluded are all faults that occurred due to a) disregarding the product manual, b) usage other than the intended purpose of the product, c) deficient maintenance or care, d) using third party accessories, spare parts or add-ons, e) improper modifications or extensions to the product.

Here’s what happens when you claim the use of this warranty:
If we were able to confirm faults as covered by this warranty, we shall decide whether we will repair the product at no cost to you, or provide a faultless replacement product (which may be a succeeding model). Replaced parts or products will become the property of drum-tec.

How to claim the use of this warranty:
To claim using this extended warranty you will have to a) claim using the warranty during its period, and b) send the respective product to drum-tec and include a copy of your invoice. (Please use the address below.)

Claims regarding matters not stated here are not covered by this warranty. By fulfilling a claim to using this warranty the warranty does not renew or extend in any way. This extended warranty does not modify or limit warranty claims that are yours by law.

Still unsure?
We want your drum-tec experience to be seemless and hassle-free and offering an extended warranty is one part of making sure that you can feel safe at any time.
Please do get in touch if you have questions, doubts, feedback or any other topic that you would like us to help you with!

Thank you,

Your drum-tec team!

Use this address to send in your product and invoice copy for warranty claims:

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drum-tec (Warranty Claims)
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31840 Hessisch Oldendorf