Drum Hardware

Drum hardware for every drummer! Here you will find everything from hi-hat stands, bass drum pedals, cymbal arms, snare stands, tom stands, cymbal stands, multi-clamps, cymbal mounts, rack systems, drum stools, complete hardware packs, etc..

We have everything important of the brands Tama, Mapex, DW, Pearl, Roland and drum-tec in our assortment. Due to the diversity and the individual preferences of the drummers, we can help you at this point in the search for the optimal pedal with advice and assistance.
The bass drum pedal or hi-hat foot machines is the extension of the foot in serves to transmit the power, speed and dynamics that we drummers want to have.

Whether pedals of the Tama Iron Corba, Pearl Eliminator,Mapex Falcon or DW5000 series. All series shine with different features and thus have their advantages.