Roland E-Drum Sets
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Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Roland VAD706-PW V-Drums Acoustic Design Roland VAD706-PW V-Drums Acoustic Design (pearl white)
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Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
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Roland E-Drum Sets

Roland is a pioneer in the technology of Electronic Drums, the E-Drums. Some innovative advancements come from there. E-Drum pads in acoustic design, the VAD Electronic Drums and digital E-Drum components are milestones of Roland's E-Drums.

Which Roland Electronic Drums are available?

The Japanese instrument producer offers the whole range of E-Drums:

Roland Electronic Drums with TD-02 and TD-1

Affordable compact E-Drum sets with small modul, flat pads and pedals, like the TD-02K or the TD-1KV are the first choice for beginners.

Roland Electronic Drums with TD-07 and TD-17

At the higher entry level, Roland offers complete E-Drums. They have mesh head pads for snare and toms. The sets have a solid kick drum pad, E-cymbal pads and hi-hat controller. The KV, KV2, KVX and KVX2 series E-Drum sets come with the TD-07 and TD-17 as modules. With the VAD307 V-Drums Acoustik Design, Roland offers the smallest VAD complete E-Drum with TD-17 module. The set has club size shells.

Roland Electronic Drums with TD-27

V-Drums sets with TD-27 sound module represent the upper middle class of E-Drums. TD-27KV, TD-27KV2, TD-27KVX and TD-27KVX2 are complete sets. The mesh head pads with head and rim zone deliver first-class signals. At the same time, their design is very compact and space-saving. Roland V-Drums are ideal for home recording and practice, but can also be used on any stage. The TD-27 Complete Electronic Drums are also available with the Digital Upgrade Pack. It consists of digital snare drum, digital ride cymbal and digital hi-hat. V-Drums sets with flat pads are supplied with practical drum rack.

VAD Electronic Drums with TD-50X

In the top range, Roland offers the VAD504, VAD507 and VAD706 series with the great TD-50X sound module and V-Drums Acoustic Design pads. The complete sets are equipped with bass drum, snare and toms. They have authentic shell dimensions of a real acoustic drum kit. The shells are high gloss lacquered. The set also includes cymbal pads like the digital ride and hi-hat pads. The snare is also digital. A stand set is included with the V-Drums Acoustic Design.

Which is the best Roland Electronic Drum Kit?

Choosing the right Electronic Drums depends on what you want to use it for. The requirements in the amateur sector are different from those of professional musicians. In the rehearsal room, a small set makes sense. On stage, you'll look your best with a big VAD. All Roland Electronic Drums have a first-class sound processing.

Which Roland Electronic Drums for beginners and as a practice drum set?

An Electronic Drum Set is ideal for practicing. A TD-02 and TD-1K or TD-1KV is very useful for learning to play drums. The modules of the beginner E-Drums are intuitive and easy to use. You can choose to connect headphones or active speakers. So you can practice quietly and also make music with friends. The small Electronic Drum Sets TD-1K and TD-1KV have a fine collection of authentic drum sounds. You can easily select and start playing. Metronome and coaching function help you improve your drumming. The small Electronic Drums are very good as an inexpensive second drum kit. Due to their very compact dimensions, they are great for daily routines.

Which Roland Electronic Drums for session and small clubs?

For smaller live gigs and sessions, an Electronic Drum Set with TD-17 module is a good choice. The TD-17KVX and the TD-17KVX2 have mesh head pads. This gives you the best feel and great rebound. The pads are very flat. Therefore you are very flexible and mobile with a TD-17 E-Drum set. The TD-17 drum set takes up very little space. Its sound possibilities are very extensive and the sound is authentic. The snare, tom, kick and cymbal pads feel like an acoustic drum set. The pads and the rack are very robust and best suited for the mobile drummer for sessions and gigs.

Which Roland Electronic Drums for home recording?

The V-Drums TD-27KV and TD-27KV2, TD-50KV, TD-50KV2 and TD-50KVX are great for home recording and studio. The module and Digital components snare, ride and hihat create the finest sound nuances from your performance. In the studio, you want to have the widest sound bandwidth available and record the best drum sounds. With the TD-27 and TD-50X you have all the sound possibilities Roland can offer. An integrated 28-channel or 32-channel USB audio/MIDI interface provides all the options for professional music production on the computer. The pads and rack offer practical dimensions in a small space for studio and home recording.

Which Roland E-Drum for the stage?

Look your best with a large VAD V-Drums Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set. The pads have authentic shell dimensions of a real acoustic drum set. They are made of real wood and have a high gloss finish. Visually, VAD Electronic Drums are almost indistinguishable from an acoustic drum set. The sound of a VAD Electronic Drums is first class. The module delivers high-end prismatic sound modeling. The pads offer an unrivaled feel as well as a unique response. The module offers you all possibilities to pass your drum sound to the mixer. Stereo sums and 8 individual outputs are available for this purpose.

How does a E-Drum set work?

Electronic Drums identify your stroke on the pads and electronically generate a matching sound from it. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the E-Drum set, the module can create any sound imaginable. With a Roland Electronic Drum Set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. Many Roland Electronic Drums offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are Roland Electronic Drums loud?

Electronic Drums from Roland are suitable for quiet practice. They are also suitable for quieter gigs. With Roland E-Drum sets you can play drums in your home. The E-Drum produces only the impact sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. So, E-Drums are quiet.

Why Roland Electronic Drums?

At drum-tec you can find all Roland E-Drums. Roland offers very good quality Electronic Drums. But we also have drum-tec High End Electronic Drums with Roland modules. Here you can find the best Electronic Drums for comparison. We offer you first class advice.