NUX E-Drum Sets
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Nux DM-7X E-Drum Set Nux DM-7X E-Drum Set
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NUX E-Drum Sets

Which NUX Electronic Drums are available?

NUX offers Electronic Drums in the entry-level range. The Electronic Drum Set NUX DM-210 and NUX DM-7X are inexpensive electronic drums for practicing, as a second drum set and for beginners.

Does a NUX Electronic Drum Set fit in a child's room?

A small E-Drum like the NUX DM-7X or the even smaller DM-210 will fit in any child's room. The sets take up about the space of a student's desk.

Is a NUX beginner drum set easy to use?

NUX electronic drums are designed to be easy to use and play right away. Turn it on, select a sound, and just start drumming.

Learn to play drums with NUX Electric Drums?

NUX E-Drums have built-in teaching features. A metronome, play-along songs and great drum sounds invite you to practice and get better.

You can record yourself and then listen to which grooves you can get even better at.

You can mix your favorite music from your smartphone into the drum sound via the aux input or Bluetooth and drum along to your favorite tracks.

Which NUX electronic drum set for kids?

The NUX E-Drums DM-7X and DM-210 are very easy to use and have useful features like play along to songs via Bluetooth, metronome and recording function.

The space-saving drums are complete E-Drums with many features of large electronic drums.

The pads have small diameters and the whole set can be adjusted in height to suit the needs of small drummers. NUX E-Drums are the perfect beginner E-Drums for children as well.

Which NUX Electronic Drums for beginners and as a practice drum set?

An Electronic Drum Set is ideal for practicing. NUX offers the DM-7X and DM-210, two unbeatable priced practice drums with useful features for daily practice routines.

With dual zone pads and sensitive responsive cymbals, they authentically reproduce your drumming.

Due to the compact pad sizes, NUX E-Drums fit in every corner. As a practice drum kit or secondary drum kit, the small NUX E-Drums are perfect.

How does a NUX Electronic Drum Set work?

Electronic Drums recognize your hit on the pads and generate a matching sound electronically. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the E-Drum Set, the module can create any sound you can imagine.

With an Electronic Drum Set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. Many Electronic Drums offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are NUX electric drums loud?

E-Drums are suitable for quiet practice. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With E-Drum sets, you can play drums in your home.

The Electronic Drum produces only the striking sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. Electronic Drums are quiet.

Why NUX E-Drums?

At drum-tec you can find very good E-Drums at the best price. NUX offers electronic drums in good quality for an unbeatable price.

But drum-tec also offers suitable components to extend the small kits. With us you can compare the best E-Drums. We offer you first class advice.