2Box E-Drum Sets
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2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit 2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
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2BOX DrumIt Five MKII Speedlight Kit 2BOX DrumIt Five MKII Speedlight Kit
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2Box E-Drum Sets

2Box is a Swedish manufacturer of electronic drums. 2Box offers innovative Electronic Drums in the entry-level range.

Which is the best 2Box E-Drum set?

You have the option between the DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit and a DrumIt Five MKII Speedlight Kit.

Which 2Box E-Drum to use as a practice drum set?

An Electronic Drum is ideal for practicing. This is especially true for 2Box drums. These budget kits have everything that makes a complete drum set. Their cymbal pads have rubber surfaces and the mesh heads of snare pad and tom pads are quiet as well. The small Electronic Drums are very good as an inexpensive second drum set. Their compact dimensions make them great for daily routines.

Which 2Box Electronic Drums for Beginners

2Box Electronic Drums are very suitable for learning to play drums. You can choose to connect headphones or active speakers. So you can practice quietly and also make music with friends. The modules provide authentic drum sample sounds. You can simply select them and start drumming. Metronome and song player help you improve your drumming.

Which 2Box E-Drum for session and small clubs?

All 2Box Electronic Drums are suitable for small live gigs and sessions. With the Compact Sets you are flexible and mobile. A 2Box kit needs only little space. The pads and the rack are very sturdy and best qualified for the mobile drummer for sessions and gigs.

Which 2Box Electronic Drums for home recording?

DrumIt modules are great for home recording and studio. In the studio, you want to have the widest range of sounds available and record the best drum sounds. With the 2Box DrumIt Three and DrumIt Five MKII you can edit all sound, trigger preset and setting files on your computer (Mac and PC).

Which 2Box E-Drum for the stage?

The modules DrumIt Three with 4 outputs and DrumIt Five MKII with 6 outputs are also suitable for the live stage. It doesn't have to be the Speedlight set you're drumming on. The modules' Universal Trigger Interface allows you to connect pads, cymbals and hi hats from almost any other E-Drum manufacturer like Roland, Yamaha, drum-tec, Alesis, ATV etc.

How does a DrumIt E-Drum set work?

Electronic Drums recognize your hit on the pads and electronically generate a matching sound from it. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the Electronic Drum Set, the module can create any sound you can imagine. With an Electronic Drum set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. DrumIt Electronic Drums offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are DrumIt Electronic Drums loud?

Electronic Drums are suitable for quiet practice. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With Electronic Drum sets, you can play drums in your home. The Electronic Drum produces only the striking sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. E-Drums are quiet.

Why DrumIt Electronic Drums?

At drum-tec you can find very good E-Drums at the best price. DrumIt offers very good Electronic Drums for beginners and as practice drums. At drum-tec you can compare the best Electronic Drums. We offer you first class advice.