Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set

Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set
Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set
Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set
Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set
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Roland V-Drums TD-17KV2 - Your entry into the world of V-Drums

  • Exclusive and only at drum-tec: Get your Roland TD-17 now with 11 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition! Check out the video for more info!
  • Compact electronic drum kit with all options - even for sophisticated restarters!
  • TD-17 drum module with module upgrade V2
  • New 2- and 3-zone cymbal pads with realistic oscillation characteristics
  • 70 premium drum kits with dynamic and natural sounds
  • Many editing features, ambience and reverb for your individual drum sound
  • High-end technology on a small space
  • Extensive practice functions and useful features

The Roland TD-17KV2 is your gateway to the world of E-Drums. It offers great fun in a small space. Its mesh head pads and new cymbal pads give you an authentic playing feel. The TD-17 sound module with the module upgrade V2 convinces with practical functions and a high-end sound engine. As a practice kit for your home, in the rehearsal room, for recording and on stage, the Roland TD-17KV2 E-Drum offers you great sounds, many useful functions and intuitive handling.

Roland TD-17KV2 – Features:

  • Complete electronic drum kit with module, kick, snare, 3 tom pads, crash, ride and hi hat pads, hi hat controller and rack.
  • 70 preset drum kits with rich, dynamic and natural drum sounds, including 20 new kits with custom samples
  • Upgraded Roland V-Drums TD-17 sound module V2 with 20 new kits, more extensive effects, compressor, ambience and reverb function
  • New Roland V-Drums dual-zone thin crash and triple-zone thin ride cymbal pads with thinner profile for natural feel and realistic oscillation behavior
  • Roland V-Drums 12" snare pad with dual zone trigger technology and mesh head for the best possible reproduction of your performance
  • 3 Roland V-Drums Dual Zone 10" mesh head tom pads with head and rim triggers
  • Compact Roland V-Drums 10" hi hat with CY-5 cymbal pad and FD-9 hi hat controller
  • Precise and stable KD-10 kick drum pad for single and double pedals
  • Solid and robust Roland MDS drum rack
  • All components upwards compatible
  • All drum sounds individually editable, ambience and reverb adjustable for each kit
  • Import function for your own samples and Bluetooth streaming functionality for your favorite songs from your smartphone
  • Warm Up Mode for your daily practice routine and innovative Coach Mode with Time Check and Quiet Count to improve your timing
  • Melodics training software for macOS and Win and access to sounds, samples and artist kits when logged into the Roland Cloud
  • USB port for integration into your home recording setup

Scope of delivery Roland TD-17KV2

  • 1 x Roland V-Drums TD-17 Soundmodule Version 2.0
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums PDX-12 12“ Snare Pad
  • 3 x Roland V-Drums PDX-8 10“ Tom Pad
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums KD-10 10“ Kick Pad
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums CY-14R-T 14“ 3-Zone Ride Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums CY-12C-T 12“ 2-Zone Crash Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums CY-5 10“ Hi Hat Pad
  • 1 x Roland V-Drums FD-9 Hi Hat Controller
  • 1 x Roland MDS-Compact Drum Rack incl. Modul-, Pad- and Cymbal-Holder
  • 1 x Multicore Triggercable
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • *Kick pedal, snare stand and drum stool not included! Please order separately.

Free of charge for you and only at drum-tec:

The drum-tec Live Sound Edition with exclusive Custom Kits & Snare Samples!

drum-tec Live Sound Edition - what is it?

11 first-class custom kits, programmed for stage use - get the maximum out of your module!

Plus: 9 rich acoustic snare samples, specially produced for your live sound!

The Live Sound Edition comes with every new Roland TD-17.

You get it exclusively and even for free, but only as a drum-tec customer and only in combination with a module.

We do not offer the Live Sound Edition for sale by itself.
A lot of work and our know-how as E-Drum specialists went into the outstanding samples of the edition.
We are happy to pass this on exclusively to our customers.
You get your Live Sound Edition on a SD card, which we add automatically and free of charge to your order.

Lets Rock!

Roland V-Drums TD-17 V2 – compact sound module with big sound

The sound engine of the TD-17 convinces with dynamic drum kits and a wide variety of sounds. It is based on the Prismatic Sound Modeling technology used in the larger Roland TD-50 module. The TD-17 recognizes and reproduces your performance on the pads in detail and delivers expressive, fine and powerful drum sounds. Wide dynamic range, high-resolution sound progression, seamless open/close detection of the hi hat, fine reproduction of accents head and rim strokes on snare and toms, nuanced sounds on edge and bow strokes on your cymbal pads - the module creates authentic drum sounds in all variations.

The 70 preset drum kits in the TD-17 can be customized according to your preferences. For this purpose, comprehensive parameters such as pitch and EQ are available. The ambience and reverb functions make your sound individual and unique.

The functionality of the module provides you with several features that will make you a better drummer. With the Warm Up Mode you can call up a daily practice routine that will bring your skills to a new level. The Coach Mode with Time Check and Quiet Count makes your timing more precise and consistent.

You can stream your favorite songs from your mobile phone into the TD-17 via Bluetooth, so you can hear your heroes and your drumming combined on your headphones. Audio files and even your own samples can be read in via the SD card slot and then assigned in the module to any pad in the set. Use the USB port to integrate your TD-17 into an existing home recording setup. The stereo outputs of the module are your interface for the live gig. Your set can be finely and precisely controlled by you within the module, so that you can subsequently deliver a perfect stereo E-Drum to the mixing console. The control over your sound remains with you and your TD-17.

Roland V-Drums PDX-12 - comfortable dual-zone snare pad

The PDX-12 gives you enough space for your strokes and rolls, beats and flames. It has the dimensions of a small acoustic snare and with its rubberized tension ring at the right height it gives you the possibility to play head and rim like an acoustic snare. The pad has a rim trigger system, which transmits your playing on the rim and head in detail to your module.

The double-layer Roland Mesh Head is made of a special fabric with a composition that generates vibrations like a conventional drumhead. The tension ring with its 6 tensioning screws allows you to tension the Mesh Head exactly the way you need it for your ideal rebound. This is how you achieve your perfect playing feel.

The Roland PDX-12 is designed to be open under the 12" mesh head. There is no resonating body for the impact noise of your playing to accumulate. This simple solution makes the PDX-12 one of the most quiet E-Drum pads on the market.

Roland V-Drums PDX-8 - Compact Dual-Zone Tom Pads

The 10" tom pads with their 8" mesh head surfaces give you room for your individual playing style and enough work space for differentiated head and rim shots. At the same time, the pads are compact and allow you to build the TD-17KV2 set in the smallest of spaces. They are - like the snare pad - open at the bottom and therefore have hardly any inherent noise.

New Roland V-Drums CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T - realistic feel and natural vibration behavior

The new, thinner dual-zone crash cymbal pad CY-12C-T with edge and bow and the new, thinner triple-zone ride cymbal CY-14R-T with its additional cup trigger offer you dynamic and high-resolution 2- respectively 3-zone triggering. The chokeable pads deliver clear signals to the module. Their size and weight generate very authentic vibration characteristics and a realistic feel. The 40% thinner profile and soft surface give your strokes a pleasant rebound and natural playfeel and reduce the touch noise to a minimum.

Roland V-Drums KD-10 - solid kick drum pad with minimal footprint

The Roland KD-10 Mesh Head Kick Drum is a bass drum trigger pad that lets you play anywhere. Its low inherent noise level allows you to drum in the apartment without disturbing the neighbors. With its size it is - like the whole TD-17KV2 - very portable, goes with you everywhere and fits into the smallest corner at the gig. The playing surface of the Mesh Head Pad is suitable for all kick pedals and also for double kick machines. Its special mesh composition gives you the feel of a real bass drum head. The trigger technology precisely captures each of your kicks and forwards the signal to your TD-17 drum module.

Roland V-Drums CY-5 Hi-Hat Pad with FD-9 Controller

The CY-5 is a small 2-zone cymbal pad. Together with the pedal controller it makes up the hi-hat in the TD-17KV. A hi-hat stand is not necessary, the cymbal holder within the rack is all that is needed. The cymbal pad with edge and bow is chokeable and can also be used as a splash, crash, china or effect cymbal should you ever decide to use a larger hi-hat. The playing surface includes the front side of the cymbal. By swinging off-center on a cymbal holder, it always maintains its alignment with the drummer, even when played hardest. Its rubberized playing surface area allows you to play with reduced volume.

The FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller is designed specifically for quiet use. It is equipped with a patented mechanism that absorbs most of the operating noise. Nevertheless, this hi hat pedal can be played amazingly expressive and allows sophisticated open/closed/half-open variations. Its signals are processed by the TD-17 into delicate hi hat sounds.

Roland MDS-Compact Drum Rack

With the space-saving, easy-to-set-up MDS-Compact Drum Rack, the Roland TD-17KV fits into the smallest corner. Made of anodized tubular steel, the rack is the stable and robust framework for your performance on a high-end E-Drum. All cymbal pad holders, tom holders and a module holding plate are included. The TD-17KV2 is complete. All you need in terms of hardware to get started right away is: a snare stand, an individual drum stool and a foot machine that suits you.

Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Module: TD-17
Acoustic Design: no
Series: V-Drums

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