ATV E-Drum Sets
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ATV E-Drum Sets

ATV is an innovating manufacturer of Acoustic Look Electronic Drums and compact electronic drums. The components of ATV E-Drums are high-quality instruments in the middle and upper range of E-Drums.

Which ATV E-Drums are available?

ATV EXS and ATV aDrums artist series are the two current lines in ATV's range. They cover the complete range of potential uses for an E-Drum.

Which is the best ATV Electronic Drum set?

Choosing the right Electronic Drums depends on what you want to use it for. The requirements in the amateur sector are different from those of professional musicians. In the rehearsal room, a small set makes sense. On stage you look best with an ATV aDrums kit. The modules of the ATV Electronic Drums have a premium sound processing and offer first-class samples of real instruments and lifelike sounds on a very high level.

Which ATV Electronic Drums for beginners and as a practice drum kit?

An Electronic Drum is great for practicing. The ATV EXS-3CY or the EXS-5 with xD3 module and also in the drum-tec edition optionally with modules from Pearl, Yamaha or Roland are a good choice for long fun with your first E-Drum. The modules are intuitive to use. You can connect headphones or active speakers. So you can practice quietly and also make music with friends. The Electronic Drums have an excellent and hand-picked collection of authentic drum sounds. You can simply select and start drumming. With play-along mode, metronome and practice functions, you have all the essential tools at your disposal on your way to becoming a good e-drummer. The compact sets with practical drum rack fit in small spaces.

Which ATV Electronic Drum Set for session and small clubs?

For small live gigs and sessions, ATV offers both the EXS series and the ATV aDrums artist series. The EXS pads are flat and space saving. aDrums pads give you the real look of an acoustic drum kit. The sounds are top notch and the tone is authentic. The snare, tom, kick and cymbal pads feel just like an acoustic drum kit. Especially the cymbal pads give you a very good rebound.

Which ATV Electronic Drum Set for home recording?

The ATV EXS series and ATV aDrums artist series modules are great for home recording and studio. They deliver uncompressed drum sound with acoustic snares, natural bass drums and long-swinging toms. The cymbal sounds from samples of Zildjian and Sabian sound lively and brilliant. The trigger engine convinces with a very low latency. The ATV modules are compatible with almost all pads of the well-known manufacturers.

Which ATV Electronic Drum Set for the stage?

With an ATV aDrums E-Drum set you make an impression. The pads with the shell dimensions of a real acoustic drum kit deliver a timeless and puristic finish. An ATV E-Drum is a high quality electronic drum set as a complete unit. Therefore, ATV has provided the modules with a stereo sum as output for all instruments. Convenient if you don't have room in the console or play through an E-Drum amplifier.

How does an ATV Electronic Drum Set set work?

E-Drums recognize your hit on the pads and electronically generate a matching sound from it. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the E-Drum Set, the module can create any sound you can imagine. With an E-Drum set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. Many Electronic Drums offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are ATV Electronic Drums loud?

E-Drums are suitable for quiet practice. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With E-Drum sets, you can play drums in your home. The Electronic Drum Set produces only the striking sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. Electronic Drums are quiet.

Why ATV E-Drums?

At drum-tec you will find very good Electronic Drum Sets at the best price. ATV offers puristic electronic drums in very good quality. drum-tec also offers ATV E-Drums with modules from Roland, Yamaha or Pearl. With us you can compare the best Electronic Drums. We offer you first class advice.