ZEITGEIST ZG CAD - 14" Hi-Hat Cymbal

ZEITGEIST ZG CAD - 14" Hi-Hat Cymbal
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ZEITGEIST CAD - E-Cymbals Acoustic Design

  • E-Drum Trigger hi hat with cool Acoustic Look
  • Metal cymbal with dual trigger
  • Controller pad to be mounted on any hi-hat stand
  • Multicompatible with almost all modules on the market
  • Rebound of an acoustic cymbal
  • 4 surfaces to choose from - silver polished, gold polished, black anodized or antique finish
  • Value for Money - contemporary technology, versatile and reliable
  • Without clutch, please order separately


ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals give you the sound diversity of e-drum cymbals, combined with the benefits of real metal cymbals. The cymbals are compatible with most sound modules of the well-known manufacturers*. The ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals have an unparalleled playing feel and swinging behavior close to acoustic metal cymbals.

The inherent noise of CAD cymbals is at a minimum compared to regular acoustic cymbals. This makes them well suited for all fields of use - from practicing in the living room, rehearsal room and studio to the big stage. The stunning look of the metal cymbals also comes into its own there.


  • Velocity-sensitive triggering
  • Rebound close to acoustic cymbals
  • Minimal inherent noise with real stroke feeling
  • Multicompatible and playable on many modules of the common manufacturers*
  • Available in silver polished, gold polished, black anodized finishes and antique finish
  • Without clutch, please order separately

Your entry into the world of e-drum cymbals

ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals in Acoustic Design are a perfect choice to open up the world of electronic sound possibilities. You can choose from a wide range of single, dual and triple zone cymbals for your individual e-cymbal set-up. The single zone models feature splash, crash and FX cymbals. The Dual Zone models with edge and bow sound can be used as crash, china or hi-hat cymbals. Triple Zone models include ZEITGEIST Ride Cymbals that have Bow, Edge and Cup** and are available in 18" or 20" diameters.

*The ZEITGEIST CAD Hi Hat is fully compatible with the following modules:
Roland TD-50X, TD-27, TD-17, TD-07.
ATV xD3, aD5, Pearl Mimic Pro, Gewa G9, G5, G3
Alesis Strike, NUX DM-7, DM-8
2Box (with second cable and trigger setting "Alesis")

**triple zone cymbals require a suitable sound module to play the 3rd zone.

Type: Hi-Hat
Size in inch: 14
Trigger zones: Dual Zone

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Customer reviews
23 May 2023

Very good!

Really nice product: it plays and feels very good, to me better than most of the rubber pads. It also triggers fine catching even the softer notes. Top notch!!

1 Feb 2023

Toller Sound funktioniert am Roland td 12

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