drum-tec Protection Dot Bass Drum Patch


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drum-tec Protection Dot: The Durable Stick-On Bass Drum Patch

  • Protect your mesh head from wear and tear
  • Strong bond: 3M adhesive-backed for easy installation
  • Double-Bass ready
  • Long service life: The Protection Dot is hard to to shred!

Prevent the premature demise of your mesh head! The drum-tec Protection Dot significantly increases the longevity of your mesh head. The path is double-bass proof thanks to its rectangular shape. The backside is covered in 3M glue for easy application.

Note: This product is the ultra-durable drum-tec Protection Dot. If you're looking to improve the rebound and feel of your kick we recommend the softer Protection Dot PRO.

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Customer reviews
3 Jan 2023

Protects the head but noisy

No doubt this will protect the head and improves longevity, the patch is very thick.
However the patch makes the kick louder than it was before and didn't notice improved rebound.
Also the sides of the patch do not stick very well. To protect the mesh head this will do it's job, but for improved noise reduction and rebound I guess you'll need the PRO version.

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