EFNOTE Snare Drum 14" white sparkle EFD-S1455-WS

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EFNOTE E-Drum Snare Pad 14" EFD-S1455-WS

  • 14“ x 5.5“ - Real Size Snare Pad
  • Perfect for building your custom E-Drum kit
  • Compatible with many E-Drum modules
  • Head, Rim and Rim Click Zone with innovative side trigger system
  • 6-ply birch wood shell with White Sparkle Finish
  • No hot spot at the center

EFNOTE E-Drum Pads convince with first-class trigger technology and high-quality shells made of birch with timeless noble optics. As single shells and compatible with most E-Drum modules, they are perfectly suited for the configuration of your custom E-Drum kit. Of course, you can also expand your existing EFNOTE E-Drum set with the single components.

14“ E-Drum Snare Pad - Features:

  • 3-Zone Snare Pad with Head Zone, Rim Zone and separate Rim Click Zone
  • Authentic shell dimensions with 14" diameter and 5.5" depth
  • 9 Trigger Sensors for authentic reproduction of your performance
  • Side trigger system - no hot spot in the center
  • 2-layer EFNOTE Mesh Head
  • Reso Mesh Head on the bottom of the shell
  • Foiled 6-ply real birch wood shell
  • High quality tension hoops and chrome plated hardware
  • Grey colored rim rubber to minimize impact noise
  • Look & Feel of a real acoustic snare drum
  • Compatible with E-Drum modules by Roland, Pearl and others

Scope of delivery of the EFNOTE S1455-WS Snare Pad:

  • EFNOTE S1455-WS Snare Pad
  • Instruction manual
  • Without cables

Innovative trigger system

The EFNOTE snare pad's beat detection is based on four side triggers for the head area. With this arrangement, a Hot Spot in the center of the drum head is avoided. The four triggers are mounted on a chassis at the inner rim of the shell. Since this area is usually played less, the chance for a hot spot strike is lower than with mid trigger systems. With the side triggers installed on this model, the hot-spot strike rate is therefore much lower.

Rim Zone and separate Rim Click Zone

For the detection of your rim shots, the snare features an additional rim sensor under each of the head sensors. This arrangement ensures that your performance of the rim shots can be detected at any position and dynamically passed on to your module with fine resolution. The special feature of the EFNOTE Snare is its separate Rim Click Zone. This small striking surface is attached to the side of the hoop and allows you to play rim clicks* with its additional sensor.

EFNOTE single drum shells - the perfect components for your custom E-Drum set

With the wide range of snare pads, rack tom pads and floor tom pads, rounded off by a selection of different kick drum pads, you can put together your own individual E-Drum set. Two bass drums? Four rack toms and three floor toms? Real shell dimensions for the snare as well? Or would you prefer the four-piece Cocktail Set? Here at drum-tec you can put together your EFNOTE dream kit exclusively the way you like it. You have all possibilities - OK, thats a hard challenge. But you can always expand your set at any time later.

Timeless design and distinct look

The premium quality shells made of 6-ply birch wood are covered with a foil in Sparkle Silver. The fittings and the head and resonator hoops are chrome-plated, the head hoop has a gray rubber coating to prevent impact noise. Small details such as the nylon plates between the tensioning screws and the brackets round off the overall picture of a high-quality instrument. That these are E-Drum pads and not acoustic shells can only be recognized by the sockets for the 6.3 mm jack cables. The look of a "real" drum kit is convincing. The style is probably best described as "timeless".

Works with many E-Drum modules

The EFNOTE E-Drum Pads are compatible with most E-Drum modules of the renowned manufacturers. For example, they work perfectly with the modules of Roland, ATV or the Pearl Mimic and of course with the modules of EFNOTE.

EFNOTE Cymbal Pads as an optimal complement

The perfect complement for your EFNOTE E-Drum Pads - technically and also visually - are the EFNOTE E-Cymbal Pads in all sizes from the small 8" Splash to the real 20" Ride. They are playable and chokeable on the entire 360° surface, provide a high dynamic range with a sensitive touch and they convince visually with their finely engraved gray surface.

*In combination with a compatible module

Diameter in inch: 14
Depth in inch: 5,5
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Triple Zone
Finish: White Sparkle

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