Vintage Sound Edition Roland TD-50 [Download]


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Vintage Sound Edition Roland TD-50 [Download] The drum-tec Sound Edition for Roland modules... more
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Vintage Sound Edition Roland TD-50 [Download]

The drum-tec Sound Edition for Roland modules contain first-class sets which can be loaded additionally to the pre-loaded drumkits. It took quite a lot of time and effort and with great attention to detail we worked relentlessly to really get every bit of sound refinement out of the Roland modules.

Our customers regularly ask us regarding sound manipulation and what their options are to really get the most out of their Roland module. We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them to Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating the feedback from our customers we created our own sets for all the important Roland modules. While some sets are just for fun at home others are optimized for the stage.

When installing the drum-tec Sound Edition for your Roland module you do not change or delete the pre-set kits provided by Roland. We rather use the option the create and save user kits to completely exploit the possibilities in sound design and design the best drumsets possible. We get a lot of positive feedback on our Sound Editions which is just incredibly fulfilling.

Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition into your Roland module!

Custom Kit List of the drum-tec Vintage Sound Edition for the Roland TD-50:

  1. Ludwig Vista
  2. Slingerland
  3. Camco Style
  4. Ludwig 69
  5. Gretsch 70'
  6. Gretsch 69'
  7. Louis Bells.
  8. Some Ludwigs
  9. Vintage Pop
  10. Rogers 50'
  11. Gretsch Cu.
  12. Trilogy Sakae

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Reviews by our customers
17 Dec 2018


Hi I have the TD-50. Can I download and use the sound bank from eks TD-30?

drum-tec Team 18 Dec 2018

Hey Trommis,

the TD-50 Edition only supports the TD-50 module. The inidvidual moduls are not compatible.

For TD-30 owners who read this: We do offer separate Sound Editions for the TD-30! Check out the Live Sound Edition and the Top40 Sound Edition for instance! Both Editions are also available as a bundle.

11 Dec 2018

Work on the 17?

Love the TD-17 Metal pack, knowing that the TD-17 is based off the TD-50, will this pack work on the TD-17??

drum-tec Team 12 Dec 2018

Hey Symyn,

thanks for the praise! The sound engine from the TD-17 is indeed based on the TD-50, but the modules themselves are very different in many ways. The TD-50 for example offers far more options to edit a sound. The TD-17 would not understand all the parameters we adjusted. We are working on more TD-17 Editions though ;)

As a general rule the Sound Editions are only usable with the respective module from the title.

Thank you :)

11 Dec 2018

Partner Complete Cue Sheets LLC

These are easily the best kits I have on my TD-50 and I prefer them to many of the sample based kits in SD3 and SSD5. They sound like real vintage kits and the playability and dynamic range is phenomenal; far above the original programming in the user kits that come with TD-50. Drum-tec consistently makes products that revitalize and revolutionize the e drum market.

23 Nov 2018

amateur drummer

congratulations for excellent work done in creating the kit set, they are good and very similar to the real sound, really good.

17 Nov 2018

Live Sounds Edition Planned?

I will be buying this for sure for playing at home. I would really love a live sounds edition for the TD50, is that planned at all?

drum-tec Team 17 Nov 2018

Hey Nick, 

it is not just planned, it was the very first Edition we released!

Though, it is only available as a gift for those who bought their new TD-50 at drum-tec.

Check out the TD-50 module with our YouTube demos!

15 Nov 2018


Really enjoying using these new kits. The snare sounds are great - particularly the snare buzz after a hit and multiple hits is a nice touch. Also good to be able to see how they've put these together, so I can use similar techniques on my own custom kits.

As always, customer service is top notch - even from the other side of the world.

6 Nov 2018

Vintage Sound Edition for TD-30

Yeah I am all in for that too - I definately need the vintage sounds for TD-30 as well :-)

5 Nov 2018

Vintage Sound Edition for TD-30?

Perhaps something similar for us TD-30 players?

drum-tec Team 6 Nov 2018

All right Scott, we hear you.

Let's see what we can come up with! 

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