drum-tec MC-13CH multicore trigger cable XXL

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drum-tec stereo trigger multicore cable 13-channel XXL

  • universal trigger cable harness with 12 stereo trigger cables + 1 mono cable
  • black
  • every cable features clearly visible marks at each end
  • one end with a straight stereo jack (for the modul inlet)
  • the other end with angled stereo jack ( for pad/cymbal - trigger out)
  • the total length of the multicore cable suits for a large to xtra large e-drums setup
  • the length of the single cables are optimized for e-drum use
  • Overall diameter of all cables about 5-6 cm

  1. Kick cable: 180 cm
  2. Snare cable: 160 cm
  3. Tom 1 cable: 230 cm
  4. Tom 2 cable: 260 cm
  5. Tom 3 cable: 370 cm
  6. Tom 4 cable: 400 cm
  7. HiHat cable: 160 cm
  8. Crash 1 cable: 260 cm
  9. Ride 1 cable: 350 cm
  10. Ride 2 cable: 350 cm
  11. Crash 2 cable: 320 cm
  12. Crash 3 cable: 450 cm
  13. HiHat control cable: 180 cm (mono)
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Customer reviews
23 Feb 2022

Cavo non perfettamente conforme.

Il cavo ha un problema sul connettore del controller hit hat, il connettore è mono mentre quasi tutti i controller usano il cavo stereo a 2 vie. Sono stato costretto a togliere il cavo e comperarne uno stereo, pagato 73 euro mi sarei aspettato un cavo perfetto. Invece…

13 Jul 2021

Excellent cable harness.

Recently upgraded from the Roland TD-27 to TD-50X module on my VAD506 (with additional floor tom (tom 4) and cymbals + side snare). As we all know, the TD-50X is individual trigger cabling unlike the loom to D plug on the TD-27. I wasn't looking forward to ordering additional separate cables, but luckily, I found that drum-tec had a solution.

The harness arrived this morning to my UK home address, literally one business day after I placed the order and there were no import issues or extra charges.

Bear in mind that my TD-50X is quite high (above my SPD-30 on my left, so about 1.5m high I'd say) and this meant the kick cable was not long enough but that is not the fault of the product. I simply used a separate cable for the kick whilst the others were fine - I use digital snare and ride and so those "free'd up cables" went to my additional cymbals + side snare to the TD-50X aux ports.

Although the cables are helpfully labelled for whatever part of the kit, you don't actually have to follow that to the letter - bear that in mind. Although I have followed the Tom labels to the letter and they were all the correct length which was awesome. However, if you're using digital snare, ride (and I'll be using digital hats soon) then that leaves a lot of wiggle room "cabling-wise" on this harness.

The product itself is good quality, and an excellent cost effective solution for cabling from the TD-50X to the rest of the kit. I'm very pleased.

11 Jan 2020

Good set of cables

The lengths of the cables are right on. Didn't need the Mono input so I tucked it in a Cable-snake. Used for a Mimic with ATV drums from Drum-tec!

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