Metal Sound Edition Roland TD-50 Vol. 1 [Download]


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Metal Sound Edition Roland TD-50 vol. 1 [Download]

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The drum-tec Sound Edition for Roland modules contain first-class sets which can be loaded additionally to the pre-loaded drumkits. It took quite a lot of time and effort and with great attention to detail we worked relentlessly to really get every bit of sound refinement out of the Roland modules.

Our customers regularly ask us regarding sound manipulation and what their options are to really get the most out of their Roland module. We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them to Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating the feedback from our customers we created our own sets for all the important Roland modules. While some sets are just for fun at home others are optimized for the stage.

When installing the drum-tec Sound Edition for your Roland module you do not change or delete the pre-set kits provided by Roland. We rather use the option the create and save user kits to completely exploit the possibilities in sound design and design the best drumsets possible. We get a lot of positive feedback on our Sound Editions which is just incredibly fulfilling.

Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition into your Roland module!

Please update the firmware of your TD-50 to version 1.07 before installing the Metal Edition!

Custom Kit List of the drum-tec Metal Sound Edition vol. 1 for the Roland TD-50:

  1. Remo Attack
  2. Masterplan
  3. Metal Ambient
  4. Metal Dry
  5. Bell Metal
  6. Prog. Metal
  7. Blast Metal
  8. Hard Drums
  9. Sonor Blast
  10. Pearl Reference
  11. Sakae Clear
  12. Ludwig Metal
  13. Tama Attack
  14. Master Set
  15. Old Metal

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Customer reviews
23 Dec 2019

Question sd card

Witch kind of sd card ? 16go but 80mb/s is ok or 100 its better ?

drum-tec Team 23 Dec 2019

Hey Florian,

the capacity doesn't really matter, neither does the speed as the sample sizes (one-shot samples) aren't too big for real time use!


11 Jul 2019

Will make you want to play

Decided to try this metal sound edition out , after a little correspondence with drum-etc
After clarifying that it does contain samples and is not just them adjusting parameters.
I loaded them in and Wow .
The Master set is incredible , feels like I’m listening back to a super well recorded kit in a studio , the response ‘dynamics is great .
Also they record really well now .
Highly recommended.?

16 Apr 2019

Genial !!!

Habe seit kurzem die Metal-Sounds von Drum-tec auf dem TD-50 installiert. Was soll ich sagen ? Ich bin begeistert !!! Stunden und tagelanges tüfteln an eigenen Sounds um auf`s gewünschte Ergebnis zu kommen macht ja auf der einen Seite Spaß, auf der anderen Seite ist es sehr zeitaufwenig. Nach der Installation der Drum-tec Sounds hab ich mich geärgert daß ich so viel Zeit investiert habe nach dem richtigen Sound zu suchen. DIESE Sounds sind echt der Hammer, so fett, so fertig, so geil....selbst die Bandkollegen haben mit den Ohren geschlackert ;-) Respekt und Kompliment an die Drum-tec Tüftler !!! Sehr geiles Ergebnis - weiter so !!!

27 Jan 2019


Once again drum-tec had bolstered the quality of my Roland TD-50. The Metal Sound Edition for the TD-50 is a thick sounding, beefy kit compilation with a combination of edited onboard sounds and custom samples that work great for Rock as well as metal. Drum-tec have managed to make the snares articulate with a one layer sample blending dynamically with the internal snare so that you can play thicker ghost notes appropriate for Metal and Rock. If you want lighter snare articulation the Vintage Sound Edition has that covered. I would tune an acoustic snare and tape it up to get the Metal sound anyway so I don't feel there is anything lacking here. And I always do with Roland expanded artist kit snares, even the newer Roland VIP snares.

Super fun and dynamic to play all around. Toms are booming and cymbals have a thicker, edgier sound with more ping and shorter decay on some of the crash sounds. I am a fan of the TD-50 for many reasons but without programming it myself and using drum-tec sound editions which gives me 30 amazing new kits I would be disappointed. The engine is more powerful than the initial sound designers mediocre work on everything but the electronic and hybrid kits that exploit the famous drum machines Roland is famous for. Now there is a level of realism and playability that makes the module rock thanks in large part to The Metal and Vintage Sound Editions by drum-tec. I am extremely happy about this and have been playing and just smacking the TD-50 module for the last couple of days without going back and forth to SD3 nearly as much. Where the Mimic excels in realistic samples the TD-50 excels as an edgier, slightly better triggering, and extremely customize-able drum synth with great rim shot articulation on the toms, bow and edge playability on cymbals, cool percussion and electronica elements (also smart rim triggering of cowbell and loose high hat sounds for double bass blasting) and now, finally, great layered snare sounds. A+

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