drum-tec groovepack 3

drum-tec groovepack 3
drum-tec groovepack 3
drum-tec groovepack 3
drum-tec groovepack 3
drum-tec groovepack 3
drum-tec groovepack 3
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drum-tec groovepack #3

  • Retrofit trigger system "All in one" - invisible from the outside
  • No drilling into the shell - simply attach it, done!
  • Perfect reproduction of head and rim strokes on drum modules
  • As rim trigger system without center hot spot
  • Compatible with many modules
  • Playable with both mesh heads and conventional drum heads

Package Contents:

  • 1 x drum-tec groovebar Snare
  • 1 x drum-tec groovedot Single Zone
  • 4 x drum-tec groovedot Dual Zone
  • 4 x 6.3 mm jack socket connection cable (40 cm)
  • 6 x 6.3 mm jack socket connection cables (70 cm)
  • Assembly tools
  • Digital installation manual (QR-Code)

What can the groovebar do?

The groovebar is a trigger rail installed in the shell, accurately capturing drumming. It's applicable to snare drums, bass drums, as well as tom toms and floor toms. In each groovebar trigger rail, both rim and head trigger signals are electronically transmitted, allowing drum modules to replicate your unique performance naturally.

Why is the groovebar special?

Combining top-notch trigger qualities, flexible applications, lightweight yet robust aluminum construction, easy installation, and German handmade craftsmanship, the groovebar stands out as a high-quality trigger system.

What can the groovedot do?

The groovedot, a rim trigger discreetly installed on the drum shell's inner wall, accurately detects drumming. It's versatile for various drums and can be used with snare drums, bass drums, tom toms, and floor toms. The groovedot Dual Zone transmits both rim and head trigger signals, while the groovedot Single Zone excels as a bass drum's single trigger with head signal recognition.

What makes the groovedot special?

The ingenious design of the groovedot mechanically decouples head and rim trigger signals, eliminating unintended sound crosstalk. This innovative construction makes the groovedot ideal for drums where both head and rim are played. The groovedot Dual Zone is complemented by the groovedot Single Zone, optimized for precise bass drum head detection without rim sensitivity.

The aesthetics of your kit remain "acoustic"

Preserve the vintage look of your acoustic drum kit while unlocking limitless sound possibilities. The groovedots remain invisible from the outside, with a discreet cable connecting to the module. Suitable for all types of acoustic kits, the groovedot ensures access to diverse sound options.

Unleash your sound possibilities!

With the groovedot and a compatible module, explore a plethora of sounds instantly. The precise detection of your acoustic set's nuances by drum-tec's edge triggers allows E-Drum modules to bring out your chosen drum sound's full range.

Playable with Drum Heads and Mesh Heads

The groovedot works seamlessly with both conventional drum heads and mesh heads, allowing you to maintain an acoustic feel or infuse E-Drum module sounds into your setup. The foam head of the groovedot minimally dampens the acoustic head's sound.

Flexible built-in triggers for years of enjoyment

The system suits various drum kits, from vintage to beginner sets. Whether preserving the appearance of an expensive kit or embracing endless sound possibilities, the groovedot triggers can be easily installed and removed without altering the shell's appearance.

The drum-tec groovedot trigger system is compatible with most E-Drum modules on the market. It works perfectly with Roland E-Drum modules, Pearl's Mimic Pro module, Roland Octapads, ATV modules, EFNOTE modules, and many more E-Drum modules.

Stable and Lightweight - Handmade in Germany

Crafted in Germany, the groovedot triggers feature highly stable metal and plastic components, protecting sensitive trigger piezos. The foam-filled cylinder cones ensure consistent pulse detection and high-quality trigger signals. The compact, lightweight design ensures compatibility with any drum shell.

Type: Trigger Set

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