Hardware Sets

Hardware Sets

Best brands for drum hardware sets?

With drum-tec, ZEITGEIST, Tama, Pearl, Roland, Gibraltar, and Mapex, we offer solid brand hardware sets for your electronic drum kit or acoustic drum set.

Affordable hardware set of the best quality?

Quality doesn't have to be expensive. Well-made and solidly chrome-plated hardware sets for your electronic drum kit or acoustic drum set are available from ZEITGEIST and many other brands in our shop.

Best brand for drum hardware set?

Pay attention to good quality in workmanship and stability. The standard hardware from well-known manufacturers is usually double-braced. ZEITGEIST, Tama, Pearl, as well as drum-tec and Roland, offer sturdy hardware for your acoustic drum and your E-Drum.

Different types of drum hardware?

Depending on the appearance, size, and weight of your drums and cymbals, pads, and bells, simple stands, Hi-Hats, and snare stands with single-braced legs, as well as heavy hardware and boom cymbal stands with double-braced design, are suitable for your drum set.

Why double-braced hardware stands for drums?

Generally, double-braced drum hardware is more suitable for the rough daily life on stage. Thanks to the double-braced legs, the stands are very resistant to torsion, making them extremely stable and load-bearing.

Advantage of double-braced stands?

Double-braced stands wobble far less than stands with single-braced legs.

What to do if the drum stand wobbles?

Are all screws tightened? Are the rubber stoppers correctly positioned? Do the rivets have too much play? You can find replacement parts and new hardware here!

Drum stand unstable?

Before your drum hardware falls over, you should order new drum hardware. Simple and double-braced drum stands can be found in our shop.

How to protect your drum hardware?

With bags and cases, protect your drum hardware from moisture and transport damage!

Simple or double-braced drum stands?

If you only play drums in the music room, simple stands are enough. On the other hand, drummers who play live on stage or in the rehearsal room, especially with heavy cymbals, should definitely use double-braced drum stands.

What to pay attention to when buying hardware for drums?

Stability, high-quality workmanship, and adjustment possibilities are decisive criteria. Do you need lightweight hardware, or do you want solid stands that you can really "torture"? You can find both versions in our shop.

Noise reduction for drum hardware set?

Using felt washers and plastic tubes between the cymbal pad and cymbal holder, you can decouple the cymbal vibrations from the cymbal stand. Ensure all adjustment screws are tightened and the memory locks are secured. You can eliminate impact sound transmission with undertones or Noise Eater rubber feet.

What types of drum stands are there?

We offer complete hardware sets with hi-hat machines, snare stands, kick pedals, tom, pad, and cymbal stands. In addition to distinguishing between single-braced and double-braced drum stands, there are straight stands and boom stands, which refers to stands with an extension arm. Boom stands have the advantage that you can arrange the foot of the stand more flexibly, and the cymbal, tom, or cymbal pad can still be placed freely in the room.

What material are drum stands made of?

Drum stands are almost exclusively made of die-cast metal with rubber feet and plastic inserts. They are either chrome-plated or anodized.

Which drum hardware for stage and studio?

In the studio, the precise positioning of your hardware is essential for your playing. The same applies to the stage. Here, it's also important to note that live gigs can sometimes be more rugged than in the studio or rehearsal room. Look for solid chrome plating and precise adjustment options for hi-hat machines, snare stands, kick pedals, tom and cymbal stands, and the stands and holders for your e-drum pads if you play an electronic drum set.

Do all drum stands fit electronic drums?

Depending on the system, you'll need a hardware set with different tom or pad mounts. Here, you can find complete hardware sets for almost all electronic drums.

Which hardware stand for E-Drum cymbal pad?

For electronic drums, the requirement for good drum stands is the same as for an acoustic drum: stable, well-made, and flexibly positionable.

Best drum stand brands?

With us, you get drum stands from ZEITGEIST, Gibraltar, Mapex, Pearl, Tama, and of course top-notch hardware from drum-tec.

Best studio drum stands?

Especially in the studio, nothing should wobble or rattle. Pay attention to solidly processed movable parts on your cymbal stands. Finely toothed adjustment options also give you more playing pleasure. The hardware should be very precisely positionable.

Drum hardware maintenance?

A drum hardware set requires little maintenance. Ensure that nothing hits each other during transport, keeping the chrome plating intact for a long time. Screw connections are usually provided with a little screw grease or machine oil. This keeps them smooth and operable. After some time and depending on the strain, there may be notches in the plastic or metal mounts on the telescopic booms or legs. These can be replaced on all cymbal stands by exchange.

Best stage drum hardware?

Double-braced stands offer a good stand. Shorter or longer boom arms give you the greatest flexibility when arranging your cymbals or cymbal pads. Solid chrome plating makes the stand robust and long-lasting.

Drum Hardware Set Offers?

We offer some high-quality drum hardware sets from all renowned manufacturers at attractive prices.

Sturdy Hardware Set for Large Drums?

Look for double-braced tripod stands. If you want to use boom stands, make sure one leg is in line with the boom arm. For particularly large and heavy toms and cymbals, a boom stand with a counterweight is suitable.

Best Double Bracket Stand?

Solid versions of roadworthy double-braced drum stands can be found in our range from ZEITGEIST, Tama, Gibraltar, Roland, and of course from drum-tec.