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Drum Hardware

Drum hardware: the right accessories for your E-Drum and acoustic drums.

The stands and machines on your drum set are important components of the drum kit. They give your drums, pads and cymbals a secure standing. With the matching cymbal stands and tom stands, you can position each instrument perfectly. The three-legged stands can be positioned to save space. You can also use drum racks for any drum set.

Which hardware do you need for your drum set?

Many stands and machines can be used universally for any drum set. A hi-hat machine is compatible with all hi-hat cymbals, hi-hat pads and controllers. A snare stand fits all snare drums. Cymbal stands are flexible for all cymbals. Therefore it doesn't matter if you use stands, machines and pedals from drum-tec, Roland, Tama, Yamaha, Pearl, Mapex, DW or Sonor. They all fit!

Which hardware for drum racks and tom-toms?

For drum racks, often only the holders of the same manufacturer or holders with matching diameters fit. The biggest difference is made by the tom and pad holders on the shells and pads. Here we have different systems depending on the manufacturer. A Tama style holder, also called L-Rod, will not fit a tom with a Pearl holder. Conversely, a Pearl holder will not fit a Tama drum kit. Yamaha drums also have special holders. It's similar with Electronic Drum pads.

What hardware for a shell set?

Shell sets only contain the shells, i.e. bass drum, floortoms, tomtoms and optionally the snare drum. E-Drums as shell sets consist of kick pad, floortom pads, tom pads and snare pad. Maybe a tom holder is also included. You will need to add additional hardware.

Which stands do you need?

Usually you need a snare stand, a hi-hat machine, a single kick pedal or a double kick pedal. In addition, you need various cymbal stands and a module stand for an Electronic Drum. Optionally, you can mount cymbals, additional toms and the module on a drum rack with cymbal holders, tom holders and module holders.

Which hardware for a complete set?

Complete sets often come with a matching set of hardware. If you add new components to the drum set, you will also need additional hardware. Many drum manufacturers offer their own hardware series for their drum sets. It is usually the case that the quality of the drumsets can also be found in the hardware. This means: Cheap drums = cheap hardware. Expensive drum set = high quality hardware.

Single braced stands or double braced stands?

Today, the legs of the stands are usually double-braced. This gives them great stability and makes the stands very stable. In the past it was different. The stands were simpler and lighter in general. The legs of the stands were mostly single braced. Today, there is also single braced hardware again, which is especially popular for vintage drums or small cocktail sets. Single braced hardware in vintage look simply looks better with these drums.

Is there special hardware for drums and percussion?

Some instruments in drums and percussion require special hardware. A cowbell holder or a stand for gong drums are among them. There are also special pan drum stands and tripods for bongos and congas. The range of drum stands is as wide as the variety of instruments.

At drum-tec you will find very good hardwrae for Electronic Drums and stands for acoustic drums at the best price. We know our stuff and offer you first-class advice.