Cymbal holder
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Cymbal holder

Additional cymbal holders for drum racks and stands

You got a great new cymbal, but no cymbal arm free?

With our additional cymbal holders, you can arrange as many cymbals as you want wherever you want them for your individual playing style. At the right angle, at the right height and at the place that gives you the most pleasure.

Your benefits:

  • Less posture problems while playing due to individual arrangement of your components
  • Easier reaching of cymbals and cymbal pads even in large drum kits
  • Solid stand for your expensive cymbal pads
  • Optimal use of your performance space
  • Individual look that catches the eye on stage.

We provide cymbal and cymbal pad holders in all variations

From short drum-tec cymbal arms with clamp, that fits into the smallest remaining space, to the large drum-tec boom cymbal arm with ball joint in black or chrome finish. For your hi-hat we offer a closed hi-hat mount and the proven drum-tec universal cymbal arms with rack clamps. We also offer cymbal arms by Roland, cymbal clamps and cymbal holders by Tama, cymbal arms by Yamaha and cymbal holders by Mapex.

In order to set up your set quickly and have it stand exactly the same at the next gig, you can equip your cymbal holders with memory clamps. With these even the bass player can build up your drum set.