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What is a drum multi-clamp?

A multi-clamp for drums allows you to expand your drum kit without buying additional stands. The clamp can be attached to existing hardware.

What additional drum parts and instruments are suitable for multi-clamps?

With multi-clamps, you can expand your drum kit to include cymbal holders, tom arms, holders for electronic drum pads, holders for smartphones or tablets, e-drum module mounts, microphone arms, and other accessories.

What are multi-clamps used for on a drum kit?

Multi-clamps are used to attach additional cymbals or e-cymbal pads, electronic drum pads, tom-toms, microphones, music stands, shelves, and other equipment to your electronic drum kit or acoustic drum kit.

What types of drum multi-clamps are available?

There are different types of multi-clamps, including ones designed for direct mounting on rack systems and others that can be attached to the stands or arms of your hardware.

How do drum multi-clamps differ?

In addition to the diameter for mounting on racks or stands, consider what you want to mount on your kit. Therefore, there are clamps with receptacles for tom holders, cymbal arms, and for inserting various rods of corresponding diameters on the adapter side. You can also find clamps with omni-balls and tom holders in Tama-style or with receptacles for special smaller cymbal arms.

Do drum multi-clamps fit every drum kit?

Many universal clamps can be mounted on various stands, and you can reuse them when switching to a new kit. The key is to ensure that the diameter of the attachment side on the stand or rack matches.

What is important for a drum multi-clamp?

A multi-clamp for your kit should be robust and stable enough to support heavy attachments like boom arms or additional toms or cymbal sets. Metal constructions are always better than plastic clamps.

What are affordable multi-clamps for drums?

We offer drum multi-clamps in all variations and at attractive prices. We also provide sturdy and robust aluminum die-cast clamps at affordable rates.

How do I attach a multi-clamp to a drum kit?

Multi-clamps are simply attached to existing stands or the drum rack. The key is to ensure that the diameters of the clamp and the stand or rack match.

How do I maintain a drum multi-clamp?

Multi-clamps for electronic drum kits and acoustic drum kits require no more maintenance than the other hardware on your kit.

What multi-clamp for tom holders?

For an additional tom or pad on your kit, you can use a tom holder with a separate multi-clamp. We also have tom holders with integrated multi-clamps. Especially for L-rod style tom holders (Tama), multi-clamps with L-rods and multi-ball joints are suitable.

What multi-clamp for small cymbals on a drum kit?

In addition to the appropriate diameter on the connecting part to the stand or rack, a multi-clamp for mounting a small cymbal should have a rotatable clamp for holding the cymbal arm at an angle. This allows you to position the additional cymbal freely in space and with enough distance from the existing equipment.

What is the right multi-clamp for my drum rack?

In addition to the original accessories from various brands, many drum racks can also accommodate universal clamps from other manufacturers. The key is always the pipe diameter of the rack, which must match the inner diameter of the clamp's rack attachment.

Affordable universal multi-clamps for electronic drums?

Many e-drums have rack systems with standard pipe diameters. You can find suitable universal multi-clamps here.

Affordable multi-clamps for acoustic drums?

For acoustic drum kits with rack systems and traditional kits with drum stands, many multi-clamps from various manufacturers will fit. We have a wide selection of affordable and high-quality multi-clamps.

Multi-clamp for T-Style L-Rod tom-toms?

For your Tama tom or pad with Tama tom or pad mount, you can use various multi-clamps with L-rod holders. We offer some sturdy options at attractive prices.

Multi-clamp for e-drums?

With a multi-clamp, you can expand your electronic drum kit and incorporate additional pads, cymbals, or gadgets. Various clamps will fit depending on the rack or stand system. We have the appropriate multi-clamp solution for each new piece in your kit.

Affordable multi-clamps for Roland e-drums?

In addition to Roland's original parts, multi-clamps from drum-tec or other manufacturers also fit. We have a wide selection.

Multi-clamp – plastic or metal?

Metal clamps are always more robust and suitable for road use than plastic models. For home recording studios or when playing on your electronic drum kit only at home, cheaper plastic clamps are usually sufficient.

Can I buy drum rack clamps individually?

For each application, you can individually select the appropriate multi-clamp for your electronic drum kit or acoustic drum kit. We offer a wide range for every use.

Affordable clamp for Alesis drum rack?

In addition to Alesis's original parts, multi-clamps from drum-tec or other manufacturers also fit. We have a large selection.

Matching clamp for ATV drum rack?

In addition to ATV's original parts, multi-clamps from drum-tec or other manufacturers also fit. We have a large selection.

What is a multi-clamp?

A drum multi-clamp or multi-holder is a hardware component used in electronic or acoustic drum kits to securely and flexibly attach various drums, cymbals, or accessories. It is made of metal or plastic and features adjustable joints and clamps that allow the drummer to connect different parts of the drum set, mount additional equipment, and most importantly, lock the individual parts at the desired distance and angle.