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Drum rack or single stand?

Drum racks offer a number of advantages compared to classic drum sets with lots of tom and cymbal stands

In advance, we too think that a smart classic cocktail set consisting of bass drum, snare drum, hi-tom and floor tom doesn't need a drum rack and just looks good with regular stands. But in many other cases, a drum rack really makes sense.

What advantages does a drum rack offer you?

Simply more "stuff" to have around!

In a racked set your cymbals, drums, pads, and whatever else you want to bang on, is placed on holders. The holders, in turn, are mounted on the transverse bars which themselves are mounted on the stable stands of the drum rack. You can mount far more holders on the traverse sections than you can place single stands on the same floor space. That means that you can simply place more Instruments around you in the exact way you need them.

Permanently perfect alignment

A drum rack setup that is once optimally assembled for your playing style can be set up exactly the same way over and over again. Fixed with memory clamps and labeled, there is only this one way for even the singer in your band to reassemble the individual parts correctly.

Total flexibility

Of course, you can always opt for a different setup. And if you want to choose just a small set to take to the next jam session, surely a part of the rack is enough.

Universal use

If you want to replace your E-drums, you may need new holders if the toms have different mounts, but the drum rack can stay. On most drum racks, the cross sections are adjustable in height. This means: even if the bass drum is a different size, your old rack will fit the new kit. And if you only want to integrate a new instrument into your kit, you need a matching holder, but not a whole stand.

Infinitely expandable

Your drum rack can grow with your needs. Many types consist of front and side sections. These parts you can modul expand almost infinitely. For example, you can start with a front section like the drum-tec System Basic Plus and add one or more side parts when necessary. You can also use a rack extension for your drum module and a few more pads. No matter how you want to expand your set - your drum rack will grow with you.

Safe stand

Even with many components mounted, a drum rack has more stability than single stands on which your extenders, holders and additional parts are mounted. A drum rack doesn't mind weight differences within the stands. Next to a lightweight pad you can have a heavy ride cymbal. A single stand with a heavy cymbal on one side and a small pad on the other side will simply tip over if it is not aligned properly. And of course this will happen at the most inconvenient moment, namely when you hit it at the gig.

Easy transportation

Drum racks can be disassembled into easy-to-transport pieces. They are easy to disassemble and just as easy to reassemble. Their kits components can be separated to fit your vehicle size in most cases

Drumracks keep things organized

Not only the forest of single stands is cleared with a drum rack, but also the cable chaos. Because with drum racks, the cables from pads and microphones can be very easily routed to the rack with a few Velcro fasteners.Cable rings and tripping hazards on the floor are eliminated. Racks like the drum-tec diabolo cable tube even offer the possibility to pull the cables through the tubes. This makes transport, Setup and conecting easier.

Drum racks just look good.