drum-tec Jam 3 with Roland TD-17 and ZEITGEIST CAD-Cymbals

drum-tec Jam 3 mit Roland TD-17 und
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drum-tec Jam 3 series e-drum set with Roland TD-17 sound module and ZEITGEIST ZG CAD e-cymbals

  • Exclusive and only at drum-tec: Get your Roland TD-17 now with 11 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition! Check out the video for more info!
  • E-Drums with Acoustic Design
  • 4-Piece Shell Set: 18" Kick Drum, 12" Snare Drum, 10" Rack Tom, 12" Floor Tom
  • Optimized trigger systems for Snare Drum, Kick Drum and Tom Pads
  • Roland TD-17 Sound Module incl. Module Upgrade V2 and Live Sound Edition
  • High-quality components and first-class workmanship - Made in Germany
  • ZEITGEIST ZG CAD E-Cymbals with appealing Acoustic Design
  • 4 cymbal surfaces to choose from - silver polished, gold polished, black anodized or antique finish

The drum-tec Jam 3 offers a lot of entertainment. The new and innovative trigger systems of the Jam 3 series are specifically designed to meet the different requirements of Kick Drum, Snare and Tom Pads. The compact shell depths give the set versatility, and the noble finish will make you look good on any stage.

The sound engine of the TD-17 V2 features dynamic sounds and a wide variety of tones. The module can be individually adapted to your playing style and gives you expressive, fine and powerful drum sounds. The cymbal set of the kit is composed of ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14H Hi-Hat, CAD-14C Crash and CAD-18R Ride Cymbal. The 14" hi-hat and 14" crash cymbal pad function as 2-zone cymbals with edge and bow, while the 18" ride cymbal offers an additional trigger zone with the cup.

With the new Jam 3 you get an E-Drum at the upper entry level, which will bring you many years of pleasure. You can extend and expand the 1up-1down Cocktail Set. Another Tom Pad or more Cympal Pads - no problem. The Jam 3 set is also playable with other modules, if the is not enough for you anymore. With this E-Drum in acoustic look you benefit from our long experience in the development of serious E-Drums. And of course we give you our 3-year drum-tec warranty on all components.


  • 12" Snare Drum Pad with mid-trigger system and positional sensing
  • 18" Kick Drum with real feel Trigger-System
  • Rack and Floor Toms with side trigger system
  • Compact shell dimensions in Acoustic Design
  • 2-ply drum-tec design Mesh Heads
  • High-quality components and first-class workmanship
  • Roland TD-17 sound module V2 with 20 new kits, richer effects, compressor, ambience and reverb function
  • ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14C crash and 1x ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-18R ride cymbal with choke support
  • ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14H hi-hat with minimal inherent noise and authentic stroke feel

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Roland TD-17 Sound Module
  • 1x SD card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition + Module Upgrade V2
  • 1x drum-tec Jam 3 Kick Drum Pad 18" x 10"
  • 1x drum-tec Jam 3 Snare Drum Pad 12" x 5"
  • 1x drum-tec Jam 3 Floor Tom Pad 12" x 10"
  • 1x drum-tec Jam 3 Rack Tom Pad 10" x 6"
  • 1x ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14H Hi-Hat Pad
  • 1x ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-18R Ride Cymbal Pad
  • 1x ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14C Crash Cymbal Pad
  • 1x drum-tec Tom Holder
  • 1x drum-tec TFL-400 Module Stand
  • 2x drum-tec CBS-800S Boom Cymbal Stand
  • 1x drum-tec Protection Dot (pre-assembled)

Delivery without pedal, snare stand and hi-hat stand.

drum-tec Jam 3 Shell Set - Optimized trigger systems for kick drum, snare drum and tom pads

Snare pad with positional sensing

The Jam 3 Snare Pad provides a trigger system with positional sensing. This system authentically transmits the position of your strokes between center and edge to the module. Based on this information, the module can generate a variety of sounds that differ in nuances depending on the position of the stroke, just like an acoustic snare. This makes your playing unique!

Tom Pads with innovative trigger technology

The Rack Tom and Floor Tom pads are equipped with 2-zone rim triggers. New and so far exclusive with these triggers is the actively cooperating isolation of head and rim sensor. Due to their special swinging behavior, the systems work mechanically against possible false triggers.

Kick Drum Pad optimized for double pedals

The trigger system of Jam 3 kick drums has been rearranged and precisely aligned. This fine-tuning guarantees that the beats of the right and left beater are always detected equally and with the same sensitivity when playing with your double pedal.

High quality shell material and noble finish

The shells of the Jam 3 are made of six plies of birch wood. A multi-layer lacquer finish in classy black and the chrome-plated fittings complement the classic appearance. The pads are Manufactured in Germany, and we think they are made to be seen.

drum-tec design Mesh Heads

The Jam 3 series shells are equipped with white drum-tec design Mesh Heads on both the striking and resonance sides. Those are the same Mesh Heads that we use for our drum-tec diabolo series. They are 2-ply and very quiet. The design Mesh Heads are famous for their very accurate rebound and long durability, as we know from more than 10 years of experience with our bestseller mesh heads.

Suitable shells for many years of joy

drum-tec Jam 3 E-Drum Pads are compatible with almost all E-Drum modules on the market. So you can easily change or upgrade your module when the time comes. The high-quality drum-tec shell set remains your companion as long as you want. The shell set can be expanded with individual pads out of the Jam 3 standard range. An additional floor tom? Another rack tom? The choice is yours!

Roland V-Drums TD-17 V2 – sound module with great sound thanks to module upgrade

The sound engine of the TD-17 V2 convinces with dynamic sounds and a wide variety of instruments. The module can be individually adapted to your playing style and gives you expressive, fine and powerful drum sounds.

Wide dynamic range, high-resolution sound characteristics, seamless open/close detection of the hi-hat, fine reproduction of accents with head and rim strokes on snare and toms, nuanced sounds with edge and bow strokes on your cymbal pads - the module delivers authentic drum sounds in all variations.

The total of 70 preset drum kits of the TD-17 in the upgrade version can be customized according to your individual needs. A wide range of parameters such as pitch and EQ are available for this purpose. With ambience and reverb your sound becomes individual and unique.

The module is packed with several features that can help improve your drumming. With the warm up mode you can call up a daily practice routine that brings your skills to a new level. The coach mode with time check and quiet count will make your timing more precise and lasting.

You can stream your favorite songs from your mobile phone into the TD-17 via Bluetooth, so you can hear your heroes and your drumming together on your headphones. Audio files and even your own samples can be imported via the SD card slot and assigned in the module to any pad in the set. Via the USB port you can integrate your TD-17 into an existing home recording architecture.

The stereo outputs of the module are your interface for the live gig. Your set can be finely and precisely controlled by you in the module, so that you can then deliver a perfect stereo E-Drum to the mixing console. The control on your sound remains with you and your TD-17.

TD-17 Version 2 Upgrade + drum-tec Live Sound Edition

New Kits - More Functions - Enhanced Effects

Exclusively at drum-tec you get the Roland upgrade to TD-17 version 2 together with the drum-tec Live Sound Edition - on an SD card and in a cool mini hardware case.

Your profit:

  • Original Roland TD-17 system upgrade to version 2.0 with many new functions
  • 20 new Roland kits in premium quality with custom samples like Acoustic and Arena Stage
  • 26 additional instrument samples for any existing preset kit or custom kit
  • 11 premium drum-tec kits programmed for stage use
  • 9 rich acoustic snare samples, specially produced for your live sound!
  • 11 new multi-effects, including Spectrum, Low Boost, Humanizer and Speaker Simulator
  • New, high-quality reverb for a room sound that's as unique as you are
  • New Compressor function for studio-like sound processing
  • Trigger support for the new thin V-Cymbals, including CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T

You get the upgrade and the drum-tec Live-Sound-Edition on SD-Card. For installation, simply follow the included QR-CODE to a tutorial. With this you can upgrade your TD-17 to the latest TD-17 V2 in no time.

11 exclusive drum kits - the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for your Roland TD-17

With the Live Sound Edition we bring you the best out of a sound module. The edition consists of complete and directly accessible kits and drum sounds. Perfectly tuned in our engineering studios, these vivid drum sounds are optimized for live performance. However, they also sound outstanding in recording sessions.

11 times maximum sound coming out of your module

From the individual sounds and samples of the module we tickle the maximum of sound, ambience and atmosphere. From this, we put together 11 complete ready-to-play kits that are instantly available for you to play.

Exclusive and at no extra charge - only at drum-tec

You can only get the Live Sound Edition at drum-tec and only in combination with the purchase of a new E-Drum module. It is unavailable anywhere else and also not available individually. And: You get your Live Sound Edition WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST to your module. This is only offered at drum-tec.


CAD stands for Cymbals Acoustic Design and gives you the sound variety of E-Drum cymbal pads, combined with the advantages of genuine metal cymbals: an incomparable feel and the swinging behavior of acoustic drum cymbals.

The kit's cymbal set consists of ZEITGEIST ZG CAD-14 hi-hat, ZG CAD-14 crash and ZG CAD-18 ride cymbal. The 14" hi-hat with top and controller and the 14" crash cymbal pad operate as 2-zone cymbals with edge and bow. The 18" 3-zone ride cymbal pad provides edge, bow and cup.

The self-noise of the CAD Cymbals is minimal compared to normal cymbals. This makes them suitable for all types of use - from practicing in the living room, rehearsal room and studio to the big stage. There, the cool design of the metal cymbals also comes perfectly in place.

In addition to the pads offered in this Jam 3 set, you can choose from a wide selection of single, dual and triple zone CAD cymbals for your individual e-cymbal set up.

In the Single Zone version, you can use them as splash, crash or even FX cymbals. The Dual Zone models can be played as a crash with edge and bow, as a china or hi-hat cymbal. In the Triple Zone configuration you get ZEITGEIST Ride Cymbals with Bow, Edge and Cup and genuine 18" or 20" diameter.

All CAD Cymbal Pads are available with Silver, Gold, Black and Antique finishes.

Sturdy and durable hardware

The Kick Drum and Floor Tom stand on solid and height-adjustable feet. The Rack Tom can be positioned perfectly on the Tom Holder with its Isolated Tom Mount System. The I.T.M.S. reduces the occurrence of false triggers between Bass Drum and Tom Pad. All hardware is designed for a long lifetime.

Acoustic Design: yes
Finish: Black
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down
Module: TD-17
Series: Jam

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