drum-tec DP-600-ES Elementary Series Kick Pedal Chain Drive

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drum-tec Elementary Single Bass Drum Pedal DP-600-ES Chain Drive

  • High-quality entry-level pedal with double chain drive
  • Easily convertible to belt drive or direct drive (available separately)
  • Beater, shaft, and drive individually adjustable
  • High-quality ball bearings and durable Silversand powder coating
  • Dual felt beater

With the drum-tec Elementary Single Bass Drum Pedal, you get a high-quality and well-crafted pedal in the upper entry-level segment. With the tool attached to the base plate, you can quickly adjust your Elementary Kick Pedal to your needs anytime, anywhere. The beater's angle and spring tension are individually adjustable. The beater has two different felt surfaces that provide the necessary punch. Optionally, you can equip the pedal with a Belt Drive or Direct Drive (available separately).

Drive: Double chain
Force transmission: Linear
Freely adjustable pedal angle: yes
Height adjustable beater: Yes
Beater angle freely adjustable: Yes
Removable base plate: nein
Incl. Floor Plate: Yes
Incl. Case: nein
Incl. Pedal Bag: nein

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