Real Acoustics Sound Edition Roland TD-9 v1.0 [Download]

Real Acoustics Sound Edition Roland TD-9 v1.0
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Real Acoustics Sound Edition for the Roland TD-9 v1.0

A pre-created drum-tec customer account is required to download the Sound Edition.

We built 32 user-kits that pack a punch! With the Real Acoustics Sound Edition the TD-9 awakens: We created 32 custom sets for the Roland TD-9 that leverage everything the module has to offer. With great attention to detail we focused our creativity and designed inspired and dynamic drum-sets that are just made for stage loving drummers!

Important: Only compatible with the modul version 1.0! This Sound Edition for the TD-9 v1.0 will only work with the original Roland TD-9 version 1.0 with capacity for 50 kits. If your module was updated to version 2.0 and can store 99 kits please install the >Real Acoustics Sound Edition for the TD-9 v2.0!

The Real Acoustics Sound Edition was made with one purpose in mind: We wanted to optimize the TD-9 for acoustic drummers! All 32 kits focus on outstanding dynamics, incredible responsiveness and most importantly fun and reliability in all situations.

This Sound Edition contains first-class sets that can be loaded in addition to the Roland presets that came with the module. The download comes with a manual on how to load this Sound Edition onto your TD-9. The Real Acoustics Sound Edition replaces the discontinued Special Acoustics Sound Edition and is fully re-edited, remastered and expanded.

Some bass drum and snare sounds are slightly different from the 2.0 version.

Requirements: Roland TD-9 v1.0 (max. 50 kits), fitting USB storage device

Many of our customers have asked us about sound customization. What are the best options to really get the most out of a Roland module? We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them into Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating all of your feedback we created a great number of custom sets for all recent Roland modules. Some sets are just for fun at home while others are optimized for the stage.

Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition onto your Roland module! You can start the download as soon as your payment is confirmed. Please note that you will need a fitting USB storage device. Test your USB drive by connecting it to the module: If the screen reads "Processing..." the USB drive will work.


  1. GMS Maple dry
  2. GMS Maple far
  3. Pearl SLX dry
  4. Pearl SLX fat
  5. Sonor Force dry
  6. Sonor Force fat
  7. DW Exotic dry
  8. DW Exotic fat
  9. Yamaha Recording dry
  10. Yamaha Recording fat
  11. Tama Superstar dry
  12. Tama Superstar fat
  13. Mapex Maple dry
  14. Mapex Maple fat
  15. Yamaha Hipgig dry
  16. Yamaha Hipgig fat
  17. Ludwig Breakbeat dry
  18. Ludwig Breakbeat fat
  19. Canopus Maple dry
  20. Canopus Maple fat
  21. Ludwig Rocker dry
  22. Ludwig Rocker fat
  23. Pearl Masters dry
  24. Pearl Masters fat
  25. Kirchhoff Bubinga dry
  26. Kirchhoff Bubinga fat
  27. Tama Star dry
  28. Tama Star fat
  29. Natal Original dry
  30. Natal Original fat
  31. Slingerland 60th dry
  32. Slingerland 60th fat


Module: TD-9

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