PSB-230EU Roland Boss power supply

Roland Boss Netzteil für Module usw. PSB-230EU
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PSB-230EU Roland Boss power supply

  • DC 9V
  • 2000 mA
  • Plug: 1.3 mm bore inside and 5 mm outside
  • Polarity: inside minus
  • Succeeding model from the PSB-1U power supply

suitable for:

  • A-300/500/800Pro, AT-350C, AX-Synth
  • BK-7M, BR-8, BCB-60
  • CD-01A, Cube-ST
  • DP-970, D-5
  • E-09, ED PC-180a
  • FA-06, FA-08, F-100/110/30e/50/90, Fantom-Xa, FA-66, FP-2/3/4, FR-1/FR-1X/1B/FR-1XB/18/2/2B, FA-101, F-20
  • GR-55, GT-10, GW-7, GW-8
  • HD-1, HPD-10
  • Juno-Di, Juno-G, Juno-Gi, Juno-Stage, Jupiter-50 MT-90 U, JS-8, JM-5
  • Katana Mini
  • MC-09, Micro Cube RX
  • PCR 300/500/800
  • Octa Capture
  • RD-300 SX, RMP-12, RS-70
  • SD-50, SH-01 GAIA, Sonic Cell, SP-404, SP-555, SPD-30
  • TD-4, TD-9, TD-27, TU-1000
  • UM-550, UA-101, UA 25 PC-50, UA-101, UA 25 PC-50
  • VB-99, VE-7000, VF-1, VP-7, VG-99, VK-8M, V-4, VR-09
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