ATV xD3 Electronic Drum Module

ATV xD3 Electronic Drum Module
ATV xD3 Electronic Drum Module
ATV xD3 Electronic Drum Module
ATV xD3 Electronic Drum Module
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ATV xD3 E-Drum Module

  • Delicate selection of expressive drum sounds
  • High-resolution samples of acoustic drums and cymbals
  • Metronome, recording function and play-alongs for your practice
  • Technology taken over from the high-end ATV aD5 module

The ATV xD3 offers you sonically outstanding and expressive acoustic drum kits. Each kit consists of the high-resolution, detailed sound recordings of real acoustic drums and cymbals. The xD3 is a drum module for purists looking for an exquisite selection of great live drums.

ATV xD3 - Features:

  • Five preset drum kits with lively and natural acoustic drum sounds
  • Richly contrasted drum kits covering the rock, pop, swing and metal genres
  • Sound engine based on the aD5 with outstanding dynamic range
  • All drum sounds individually editable
  • More first-class drum kits available in the ATV Store
  • 20 songs as play-along with loop and marker function
  • Metronome and Quick Record feature
  • User parameters can be stored on SD card
  • 2 x 6.3 mm mono jack as main audio outputs
  • Mix-In 3.5 mm stereo jack for MP3 player and smartphone
  • SD/SDHC card slot for backups and WAV import/export
  • USB MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac and PC

Scope of delivery of the ATV xD3 sound module

  • 1 x ATV xD3 sound module
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x multicore cable
  • 1 x mounting plate
  • 1 x SD card

ATV xD3 E-Drum Module - The Essence of Electronic Drumming

The ATV xD3 offers you what makes a very good drum kit: convincing and lively sound for your groove. The sounds of the xD3 consist of samples of first-class acoustic drums. The sound is so natural and the reproduction of your performance with all its subtleties so authentic that you think you are playing a real acoustic drum. It doesn't get much closer to the sound of nature.

The five contrasting drum kits in the xD3 confidently cover the genres of rock, pop, jazz and metal. They deliver lively nouances on snare drums, deep resonances on toms, tight bass drums, and finesse-rich cymbals.

Each of these instrument sounds, including the bass drums, has its own three-dimensional component with its reverberation in space. A powerful fortissimo stroke can be felt and heard as such here. Fine intermediate tones on snare and cymbals are reproduced in detail.

The elaborately miked original vintage drums and current high-end acoustic drums played under ideal conditions were recorded in top recording studios. In order to preserve and recall every detail of the instrument's natural resonance and spatial timbres, all material was created in stereo and with very high resolution stored as uncompressed audio data in the module.

If the five high-end drum kits in the default configuration of the xD3 are not enough for you, you can find more top acoustic drums and sets in the ATV Sound Store.

Setup features to optimize performance

To get the most out of these options, you can tailor the xD3 to suit your performance. The sensitivity of each trigger signal can be adjusted. This allows the module to reproduce your playing style in all its expressive power. Even the crosstalk of individual adjacent pads or toms mounted on the kick drum can be minimized according to your velocity. Your personal settings can be stored directly in the module or on an SD card and recalled at any time.

Lively groove through low latency

An important requirement for the playability of any E-Drum is to hear the sound at the moment of strike. Any delay in playback, even in the millisecond range, unconsciously affects your timing and groove. AVT has developed a sound engine for its modules that achieves extremely low latency. This results in the module's unmatched performance in sensitivity and responsiveness.

Metronome, Play Along and Recording - Helpful features for your drumming

As with the hand-selected drum kits, "Reduce to the max" also applies to the module's additional functions. The metronome supports your timing. It can be played acoustically and can be read on the display.
The Play Along mode lets you practice to different grooves and rhythms from the genres rock, pop, funk and jazz. You can use markers and loops to practice any part of the tracks specifically and repeatedly. You can record yourself and play back your groove later.
A 3.5mm stereo jack input lets you blend songs from your smartphone into your headphone sound, so you can drum along to your favorite tracks.

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Customer reviews
5 Aug 2021

Produkt des Jahres

So jetzt muss ich auch mal etwas schreiben. Das XD3 ist für mich für den Drumtecpreis das Produkt des Jahres. Wer hauptsächlich akustische Sounds spielt, mit 5 unterschiedlichen Sets klarkommt ( bis zu 18 Sets lassen sich bei ATV runterladen) und eine einfache Bedienung und Übersicht zu schätzen weiß ist hier genau richtig. Im Vergleich zu Roland TD17 und TD25 gewinnt das ATV Modul in Sachen Sound und Dynamik um Längen. Vor allem die Beckensounds sind um Welten besser und das "out-of-the-box"" Ich spiele das Modul mit einem Diabolo-Hand-Hammered Set, Rolandbecken und dem ATV 16 Zoll Ride (kostet das Doppelte vom Modulpreis!) Daumen hoch! Danke an Drumtec, dass Ihr das Modul separat verkauft.

11 Mar 2021

Definitv sein Geld wert!

Hallo zusammen,
ich spiele seit einiger Zeit ein xd3 mit einem Drum-Tec Jam NG Set. Sounds und Dynamik des xd3 sind wirklich beeindruckend. Ich habe inzwischen weitere Sets von der ATV-Website heruntergeladen und eigene Sets erstellt (ja, das geht auch) und habe aktuell 16 Drum Sets in Gebrauch die über die mitgelieferte SD-Karte ins Modul geladen werden können. Wer keinen gesteigerten Wert darauf legt, Sounds umfangreich bearbeiten zu können, liegt bei diesem Modul - insbesondere bei diesem Preis - nach meiner Meinung absolut richtig.
Viele Grüße

15 Feb 2021

Еxcellent, I recommend to everyone

Greetings! Received this module today. I hooked it up to my Roland pads, and Miracle, it worked great without any additional tweaks. I enjoyed the play very much. Today I played only in haste, tk. time was short. So, who compares ATV and Roland, I'll tell you my feelings. Roland is a Lego constructor. There you can collect a preset, add processing (compressor, reverb, etc.). But!!! As a result, of course, there will be a “digestible (acceptable)” but heavily compressed sound. Here - not Lego, but solid figures. For example, the Right cymbal lasts as long in sound as no Roland's cymbals, even in Td30. Further, the sounds (samples) - not squeezed, studio, just excellent. But for the future, I would like to advise ATV to make an effects block (at least a master) - a master compressor (samples tend to disappear, “blur” in the mix with instruments or phonogram, they need to be “pulled”, reverb (for snare drum and toms) and a master equalizer (I almost didn't have enough high frequencies on the toms.) I understand that all these effects are available in any digital mixing console, but I would like this minimum to be in the module. And it will be just a “bomb”! There is nothing wrong with the fact that there is no rim sound for tom drums (tom drums are excellent, deep sounds), usually when I record TD30, it happens that I accidentally fall into the rim - and I have to change this note to the sound of drum head in order to sound normal. Here, this error is excluded. Another big plus is that all 18 drum sets (ie even those 13 from the ATV website) have already been downloaded, ie on board the module. Guys, to all fans of clean, not compressed sound, as an alternative to super expensive modules built on sample architecture, rivers I will recommend this very inexpensive module. At the moment, the price for it is simply gorgeous !!! And many thanks to Drum-tec for the impeccable work. The module was received very quickly! Best regards, sincerely, Maxim.

23 Jan 2021

cooles ding

corona “genötigt“ eine alternative – zumindest als eine übungsmöglichkeit – gesucht und gefunden. für das geld ein tolles modul – ohne unnötigen schnick-schnack und mit anständigen sounds bei einer ordentlichen dynamik. der “gute“ klang ist ja für jede/en immer sehr individuell zu betrachten. kann dazu für mich aber auch als früherer “roland“ user (td 30, 25, 17) nur sagen: sowohl alle atv drums als auch die cymbals sounds sind um welten authentischer, als bei meinen verschieden genutzten roland modulen es jemals der fall war. dazu bietet atv auf deren website auch noch tolle zusätzliche set- und sound-varianten an – was bsp. bei roland zumindest in meiner “user-zeit“ – immer sehr extrem stiefmütterlich behandelt wurde …
mein fazit: in jedemfall mal antesten – ist ein sehr cooles ding ;)
liebe kolleginnen und kollegen des gepflegtes beats:
… auf das wir alle endlich mal wieder live vor richtigen publikum spielen dürfen!
bleiben wir zuversichtlich ;)

14 Jun 2020

Ich würde es wieder kaufen.

Ist ein preiswertes Modul mit super natürlichen Sounds und einer super Dynamik.Mehr Infos habe ich unter der Bewertung von dem Atv ad 5 Modul.

Mit musikalischen Grüßen
Frank Simen

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