ZEITGEIST ZG AD3 Shell Set (natural clear)

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ZEITGEIST AD3 Shell Set – Acoustic Design Pads for your individual E-Drum

  • Your entry to E-Drums in acoustic look
  • Real acoustic sizes with large playing surface
  • Playable with almost any E-Drum module
  • Dual trigger system with head and rim
  • Cool natural clear finish


The ZEITGEIST AD3 shell set is your entry into the world of E-Drums with acoustic look. The shells deliver what E-Drum pads are all about: authentic reproduction of your performance to a compatible module of your choice, individual rebound and minimal self-noise. Their compact diameters give you a large playing surface. With the lacquered real wood shells you get a road- and studio-suitable shell set in acoustic design for all purposes of an E-Drum.


  • Look & Size of an Acoustic Drum Set
  • Compatible with most modules on the market, like Roland, ATV, Pearl, Alesis, Medeli, Millenium, Simmons and many others
  • Two layer mesh heads on all shells
  • Snare and tom pads with head and rim triggers
  • Large 20" kick drum perfect for double pedals
  • Lacquered real wood shells, black hardware and front head
  • Solid workmanship for many years of fun

Scope of delivery of the ZEITGEIST AD3 Shell Set

  • 1 x ZEITGEIST AD3-KD-200 Kick Drum Pad 20“ x 16“
  • 1 x ZEITGEIST AD3-SD-130 Snare Drum Pad 13“ x 5“
  • 1 x ZEITGEIST AD3-TT-100 Tom Tom Pad 10“ x 5“
  • 1 x ZEITGEIST AD3-TT-120 Tom Tom Pad 12“ x 5,5“
  • 1 x ZEITGEIST AD3-FT-130 Floor Tom Pad 13“ x 12“

Reliable trigger technology

A piezo trigger system consisting of head and rim triggers inside the snare and tom shells precisely detects your playing on the mesh head and hoop. The head trigger is positioned as a center trigger below the mesh head, your performance on the rim of the shell is detected on the entire rim surface and from there delivered via three rails to the rim trigger inside. Both triggers pass their impulses on to the jack socket, which is located in the ZEITGEIST logo on the side of the shell. From there the way is free with standard jack cables* to the compatible module of your choice, in which you can launch the unlimited world of E-Drum sounds with your individual playing.

Solid build with cool design

The shells are made of 6 layers of wood and are lacquered in Natural Burst finish. The texture of the brighter wood shines through in the center area of the shells, while the shells take on a black color gradient towards the edges. All the brackets and the tension hoops of the toms and snare are anodized in a silky black. The bass drum comes with wooden tension hoops that are coated in black on the outside and clear lacquer on the inside. The chromed tension screws also give the set a classic acoustic drum look. For the front head, the kick drum pad has a black resonant head with ZEITGEIST logo.

Quiet set for any use

The tension hoops of toms and snare are equipped with rim rubbers - so-called Rim Noise Eliminator - on the drumhead side. In addition to the low-noise mesh heads, the Rim Noise Eliminator ensure quiet playing, even when hitting the rim of the shell. So you can play the AD3 E-Drum not only in the rehearsal room or on stage, but also in the studio and even in the living room at home.

All options for your individual playing style

The 2-layer mesh heads can be tensioned with the best rebound for you without affecting the sound out of your module. You always get the head tension that is best for you. This is one of the great things about E-Drums. The 20" x 16" bass drum is fully covered with a mesh head on the batter head side. This makes it perfect for use with a double pedal but of course also for playing with a single pedal, just as you like.

Highly compliant with hardware, racks and cymbals

The toms have mountings that fit all racks, holders and single stands with L-Rod (Tama style) tom holders. The floor tom can be individually positioned with its three legs and the bass drum has height-adjustable feet with spikes and rubber caps. You can play the AD3 Shell set in combination with acoustic cymbals and E-Drum cymbal pads. A perfect look offers the AD3 Shell Set in combination with the ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals Acoustic Design. The visual impression is a real acoustic drum set, the sound is as unlimited as the module you play with this drum set.

Expandable and designed for many years of playtime enjoyment

The AD3 Shell Set gives you the freedom to customize an E-Drum according to your ideas. You can invest in a high-quality E-Drum module right from the start, without having to pay for a whole top-class set with all the shells and cymbals. Depending on your personal development, you can upgrade your set step by step, e.g. with a high-quality drum-tec Pro 3 snare with positional sensing or, if you play a large Roland module, with a digital package. Of course you can also change the E-Drum module and continue playing the AD3 shell set on another one. With the AD3 you have all the options to improve yourself and your drumming at your own pace and build up the perfect E-Drum for you.

*Please order cables separately.

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