Roland RT-30HR Acoustic Drum Trigger (b-stock)

Roland RT-30HR Acoustic Drum Trigger (B-Ware)
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Roland RT-30HR Drum Trigger Dual-Zone (b-stock)

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Our best-selled Triggers have already been forerunner, the Roland RT-10 series. Now, Roland has given a new casing to this proven Trigger-technic.

  • Due to the newly developed fastening device, the Dual-Zone RT-30HR Trigger perfectly fits to all common tension-hoops, and it automatically sets the Sensor to the best position of the acoustic head.
  • The RT supports strokes on the head as well as on the Rim, so that two seperate Sounds can be actuated.
  • Because of the new casing-design, the Trigger assimilates much more inconspicuously into the existing acoustic optic.

Features of the Roland RT-30H:

  • Dual-Trigger (Head and Rim) for acoustic Drums for the actuation of electronic Sounds
  • Compatible with any V-Drum TD-modules, the Percussion-Pads of the SPD-series and the TM-2 Trigger module
  • Can be mounted on almost any tension-hoop, also on Hoop-Styles bent inwardly
  • A newly developed fastening device provides a quick and simple assembly
  • 10 mm smaller than the forerunners - for an higher playing comfort
  • Very robust fiberglass casing and safe fastening mechanism for a reliable hold at the Drums
  • Laterally attached Trigger-output for an easy cable handling
  • Including Cable
  • Rim Height (Max.): 13 mm (0.51 inch)
  • Trigger: 2 (Head, Rim)
  • Connector: Output Jack (1/4-inch Phone Type)


  • Owner's Manual
  • Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"                          
  • Stereo Cable (3.5 m, 11.48 ft)

Size and Weight:

  • Width: 39 mm (1-9/16 inches)                                 
  • Depth: 112 mm (4-7/16 inches)                                  
  • Height: 45 mm (1-13/16 inches)                                
  • Weight: 69 g (0 lbs. 3 oz.)


Type: Rim trigger

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