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Roland PDX-100 (gebraucht)
Roland PDX-100 (used)
  • 10" meshhead pad
  • leight weight
  • 2-zone triggers
  • used pad!

Delivery time 1-2 days

Roland KD-10 Kick (gebraucht)
Roland KD-10 Mesh Kick (used)
  • Soft playing surface
  • responds like an acoustic drumhead
  • Accommodates single and double pedals
  • Redesigned frame resists flexing and scooting

Delivery time 1-2 days

SPD-30 Total Percussion Pad, weiß (gebraucht)
SPD-30 Total Percussion Pad, white (used)

++ excellent sounds and latest trigger technology ++

  • well-engineered multi pad fitted into a sturdy casing
  • new percussion sounds from all over the world, plus 30 multi-effect types
  • 4 dual trigger input jacks plus hihat controller
  • loop functionality with up to three overdubs
  • USB connector for MIDI and storage devices

Delivery time 1-2 days


Used e-drums and parts

Used e-drum sets, modules & pads

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