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Checked b-stock articles

What is drum-tec b-stock?

As b-stock we list shipping returns that have already made a journey to a customer and have been sent back to us. We also offer those Electronic Drums that have been exhibited in our showroom, tested by our E-Drum nerds or photographed for our webshop as b-stock. All items are put through their paces by our returns and service department before they go on sale. In any case, our drum-tec b-stock is technically and visually almost new and complete with all accessories.

What are b-stock Electronic Drums?

B-stock Electronic Drums are top tested electronic drums.

How much do b-stock Electronic Drums cost?

At drum-tec, b-stock E-Drums and b-stock equipment are usually reduced in price by 10 to 15 %.

Are b-stock Electronic Drums fully compatible with new E-Drum equipment?

In most cases you can connect and play b-stock E-Drums with A-stock and your existing equipment without any problems. B-stock Electronic Drum modules are checked by our service and returns team and provided with software updates if necessary. Technically, b-stock is as up-to-date as the corresponding A-stock.

What are the disadvantages of b-stock E-Drums compared to A-stock?

Possibly an instruction manual may be missing, but you can get it on the Internet. Maybe it is not the original packaging. Technically, b-stock at drum-tec is just as flawless as A-stock.

What are the advantages of b-stock Electronic Drums?

You get technically flawless material at a lower price. You help to save resources and have E-Drum equipment checked by professionals.

Which b-stock Electronic Drums does drum-tec offer?

At drum-tec you will always find a selection of checked b-stock Electronic Drums and returns in the accessories for electronic drums. We offer drum modules as b-stock, Electronic Drum Pad and E-Drum Cymbal returns that have been shipped before. And of course we offer complete b-stock E-Drums. The assortment changes daily. So it makes sense to frequently check drum-tec's b-stock category. Most of the time the b-stock E-Drum parts and sets are sold quickly.

How good are b-Stock Electronic Drums?

All b-stock E-Drums offered at drum-tec have gone through our trade-in process. No matter if it's a b-stock Roland TD-27 drum module, b-stock V-Drums kit, Alesis Strike b-stock electric drum kit or budget b-stock hardware: Every item we check in the trade-in is tested for function and condition before we offer it here in our b-stock E-Drums section. B-stock E-Drum Pads checked by drum-tec do not differ in functionality and sound from new E-Drum Pads.

How do we check b-stock Electronic Drums at drum-tec?

Our trade-in team takes a close look at every instrument that has left our warehouse, has been at a customer's site, has been set up in our photo studio for detail shots or has been tested by our drum-tec customer service staff, so that they can give you the best possible advice. Perhaps the instrument was temporarily set up in our show room or was used to test one of our live sound edition. Besides all mechanical functions we check the optical condition, the functionality of electronic components and of course the sound of the instruments and modules. Of course, all items are checked for completeness and are thoroughly cleaned.

What warranty does drum-tec provide on b-stock Electronic Drums?

For our b-stock, the warranty conditions apply as for new goods.

How long does drum-tec give warranty on b-stock Electronic Drums?

At drum-tec we offer a 3 year warranty on all new items and also on b-stock Electronic Drums and modules, hardware and E-Drum parts. Furthermore, there is the special five-year warranty for the shells and pads in the drum-tec pro series. This also applies to drum-tec pro b-stock.

Where does drum-tec ship b-stock Electronic Drums, b-stock drum hardware and b-stock E-Drum modules?

drum-tec ships all b-stock worldwide.

Which b-stock Electronic Drums for beginners?

B-stock Electronic Drums for beginners are cheaper. At drum-tec you can find b-Stock as well as used Electronic Drums and also low-priced new E-Drums for beginners.

Are b-stock Electronic Drums particularly sustainable?

Buying a b-stock is your clear statement about sustainability. The instrument will continue to be used and fulfill the purpose for which it was produced, even after it has been unpacked once or even just photographed. With the purchase of a b-stock Electronic Drums at drum-tec you make a valuable contribution to the avoidance of waste of resources and still get a first-class and flawless functioning, tested instrument. You can have as much and as long fun with a b-stock as with a new item.

What to do in case of problems with b-stock Electronic Drums?

For us at drum-tec the sale does not end with the delivery. If you have any problems with our products or the Electronic Drums you bought from us, we will be happy to help you even years after the purchase.

Does the Electronic Drums b-stock fit to my equipment?

If you have any questions about compatibility, we will be happy to help you before you buy. Please contact our service team with your request at any time. We know a lot about Electronic Drums and will be happy to answer your questions. So you can be sure that you get what you are looking for.

Can I return b-stock Electronic Drums?

The legal 30-day consumer return policy also applies without restriction to b-stock.