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What is the drum-tec outlet

At drum-tec Outlet we offer the former models of our e-Drum series. You can get pads and shell sets of the former Pro series, out of the past diabolo line and for example also of the Jam NG series.

What kind of E-Drums can you find in the drum-tec Outlet?

The drum-tec Outlet offers you outdated electronic drums, E-Drum and E-cymbal pads and modules from all brands of electronic drums. Both original packed new goods and b-stocks of no longer produced E-Drums. B-stock of actual production lined and instruments can only be found in the separate b-stock section.

What is the price of an electronic drum set in the outlet?

The prices for electronic drums, pads, cymbals and modules in the drum-tec outlet range from super bargains for sell-out items to fair prices for rare and sought-after older items that are no longer produced but are still available at drum-tec.

Are Outlet E-Drums, Pads and Modules compatible with new equipment and my current electronic drum kit?

In most cases, you can easily connect and play E-Drum equipment from the outlet with current E-Drums. Almost always, older instruments of the individual manufacturers are compatible with their current products. And of course, our sales & service staff is also available to answer your questions about outlet items.

Can I get original pads for my old electronic drums from Roland, Yamaha, ATV, EFNOTE, NUX, Alesis, 2Box, GEWA or Pearl at the drum-tec outlet?

You are an E-Drummer and looking for original new E-Drum parts for your already older E-Drum kits? Here you can find what you are looking for. It is very possible that you can find here - and maybe nowhere else - new Zildjian Gen16 Cymbal Pads, original Yamaha DTX500 or Pearl Tru Trac Pads. Even a Roland Cymbal Pad with white underside might be found in the drum-tec outlet.

What are the disadvantages of electronic drums from drum-tec outlet?

From our perspective: none.

What are the advantages of an electronic drum kit from the drum-tec outlet?

Here you have the offer to buy E-Drum parts and whole sets, which are new, but maybe not available in other stores anymore.

What electronic drums does drum-tec offer in the outlet?

Discontinued E-Drum series of all relevant E-Drum manufacturers, single new E-Drum pads of older series, cymbal pads, modules, all accessories are offered by us in the Outlet, if we have them available and still in stock. It is worth to have a look at our outlet on a regular basis.

How good are Outlet E-Drums or what is the quality of electronic drums from drum-tec Outlet?

All Outlet E-Drums and accessories offered at drum-tec are technically and optically flawless instruments and parts. No matter if Roland V-Drums Kit, Alesis Strike electric drums or hardware from older series: E-Drums offered in the drum-tec Outlet do not differ in functionality and reliability from other E-Drums in the regular store.

What warranty does drum-tec give on Outlet E-Drums?

For our electronic drums and accessories in the outlet, the warranty conditions of new goods apply.

How long does drum-tec give warranty on E-Drums from the outlet?

At drum-tec we offer you a 3 year warranty on all items in the outlet. And then there is also the special five-year warranty for the shells and pads of the drum-tec pro series. This also applies to drum-tec pro items in the outlet.

Where does drum-tec deliver E-Drums, drum hardware and modules from the outlet?

drum-tec ships all goods worldwide.

Which outlet E-Drums for beginners?

E-Drums from the outlet are just as suitable for beginners as electronic drums from the normal drum-tec store.

Are electronic drums from the outlet particularly sustainable?

Buying E-Drum equipment from the outlet is a clear statement of sustainability. The instrument will be utilized by you and fulfill the purpose for which it was produced, even if it is an outlet or already has a replacement in the product line. By buying an outlet E-Drum from drum-tec, you make a valuable contribution to avoiding the waste of raw materials and still get a first-class and flawless functioning, new or like-new instrument. With an item from the outlet you can have just as much and long fun as with a current new item..

What to do in case of problems with drum-tec Outlet E-Drums?

For us at drum-tec your purchase does not end with the delivery. We are always happy to help you with any problems with our products or the electronic drums purchased from us, even years after the purchase.

Does the E-Drums outlet product fit my equipment?

If you have any questions about compatibility, we will be happy to help you before you buy. Please contact our service team with your request at any time. We know a lot about electronic drums and will be happy to answer your questions. So you can be sure that you get what you are looking for.

Can I return E-Drums from the outlet?

The legal 30-day consumer return policy also applies without restriction to outlet stocks.