Mapex HF1000 Falcon hi hat stand (b-stock)

Mapex HF1000 Falcon Hi-Hat Ständer
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Mapex HF 1000 Falcon Hi-Hat stand (b-stock)

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The Mapex HF1000 is the new high-end Hi-Hat stand from Mapex. In addition to its exceptionally good running characteristics, this Hi-Hat stand convinces in terms of flexibility, quality and design. Let's start with flexibility: The Mapex HF1000 is supplied with two different length drawbars, that drummers can adjust to both, a very low Hi-Hat position (e.g. open-handed drummers, young beginners) or a very high Hi-Hat position. The double-braced legs can be completely removed for rack mounting. The base plate is much narrower than many competitors, which results in an optimized space (possibly several pedals). The pedal position (height) can be adjusted up to 1.5 cm by adjusting the guide chain. The Quick-Realise Hi-Hat clutch enables the drummer to mount or dismount the Hi-Hat cymbals very quick.

About the quality: As already with the Mapex Falcon PF1000 / TW Bass Drum pedal machine, this Hi-Hat machine also only uses high-quality components and Mapex has noticed the trend of the time by using a longboard (pedal length = slightly longer than conventional pedals).

Conclusion: The Mapex HF1000 is the right choice for all drummers who are looking for a space-saving, flexible, high quality Longboard Hi-Hat stand. We also recommend the Mapex Falcon PF1000 or Falcon PF1000TW pedal.


  • Lockable Quick-Release Wingnut
  • foldable footboard
  • tension adjuster
  • removable double braced swivel legs
  • high-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes


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