Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic

Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic
Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic
Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic
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HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion

Dynamic E-Percussion for Stage and Studio

With the new edition of the legendary HandSonic Percussion-Pad, Roland offers a fantastic and many-sided Instrument, which is ideal for Percussionists and Drummers, but also for Dance Music-Performers, Componists, and Producers. Equipped with the famous SuperNATURAL-sound generation, the HandSonic offers 850 dynamic Sounds as well as the possibility to import personal Sounds via USB-memory store. 13 Pads provide an ultra-sensitive response behaviour as well as flexible operation options for the play-back of internal Sounds or external MIDI-Instruments. The HPD-20 is an ideal Interface for Home-recording Applications and is perfectly suitable for the play-back of virtual Instruments and the recording of MIDI- and Audio Performances in a DAW-Software. The HPD-20 provides additional Trigger-Inputs for a Roland Pad and HiHat Controller and it therefore can be extended to a complete Percussion-set.

The most important Features of the Roland HPD-20:

  • The perfect Hand-percussion Instrument for Live-performances or Studio-productions
  • 850 excellent Percussion-sounds from all over the world, including Melodic-Sounds, Drums, Beats and more
  • Rolands renowned SuperNATURAL sound generation provides an unsurpassed sound quality with high expressiveness
  • Additional memory store to import up to 500 personal Sounds/Loops (WAV-Files)
  • Extensive Editing-options with Sound-Layer Functions and three seperate Multi-effect Processors, Ambience and EQ
  • 13 silicon Pads provide an ultra-sensitive dynamic response and a pleasant play feeling
  • Dynamic pad-response for damping, stopping, and tuning for an authentic performance like e.g. with acoustic Congas or Tablas

Technical Facts on the Roland HPD-20:

  • 10 inches, 13 sections, Pressure-Sensitive
  • * An external trigger input is provided, allowing you to connect a pad (sold separately).
  • Kits: 200
  • Instruments: 850
  • Kit Chains: 15 chains (50 steps per chain)
  • Controllers: D-BEAM, Realtime Modify knob
  • Display: Graphic LCD 64 x 128 dots
  • Current Draw: 700 mA
  • Accessories: Owner's manual, AC adaptor

User Instrument:

  • Number of User Instruments: Maximum 500 (includes factory preloaded user instruments)
  • Sound Length (total): 12 minutes in mono, 6 minutes in stereo
  • File Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits)


  • Multi-Effects: 3 systems, 25 types
  • Ambience: 10 types
  • 3-band Kit EQ

Quick Rec:

  • Resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note
  • Recording Method: Realtime
  • Maximum Note Storage: approx. 30,000 notes
  • Export File Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits)


  • OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
  • PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • MIX IN jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • TRIG IN jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • HH CTRL jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • FOOT SW jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors
  • USB COMPUTER port: USB Type B (Audio, MIDI)
  • USB MEMORY port: USB Type A
  • DC IN jack


  • Hi-Speed USB (USB Audio, USB MIDI, USB Flash Memory)
  • Power Supply
  • AC Adaptor

Options (sold separately):

  • Kicks: KD series
  • Pads: PD series, PDX series, BT-1
  • Cymbals: CY series
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal: FD series
  • Pad Stand: PDS-10
  • Carrying Bag: CB-HPD
  • Foot Switch: BOSS: FS-5U, FS-6
  • Pedal Switch: DP-2
  • Personal Drum Monitor: PM-10
  • USB Flash Memory

* Use USB Flash Memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.

Size and Weight:

  • width: 311 mm (12-1/4 inches)
  • depth: 404 mm (15-15/16 inches)
  • height: 102 mm (4-1/16 inches)
  • weight: 2.4 kg (5 lbs. 5 oz.)
Type: Multipad

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Customer reviews
7 Apr 2024

Möglichkeiten bis zum Abwinken... Nach 4 Jahren immer noch begeistert!

Ein bis jetzt konkurrenzloses Instrument. Für Finger-Drumming, Hand-Percussion und mit Stöcken gespielt deckt es nahezu die ganze Bandbreite der Percussion-Welt ab. Klar gilt auch hier - wie bei Edrum-Sets: Nicht vergleichbar mit dem direkten Feel akustischer Originale. Aber: Elektronik erschließt stets andere Welten des Ausdrucks und da geht eine ganze Menge. Es braucht Jahre bis das ausgeschöpft ist...

Dennoch gibt es einige Wermutstropfen: Da wäre zunächst das bescheuerte externe Netzteil. Billiges PVC-Knitterkabel... Ich hasse diese Dinger !!! Nicht nur Roland nervt uns zudem mit verschiedenen Varianten dieser mistigen Teile. Nicht mal innerhalb einer Produktfamilie kriegen die das gebacken für alle Teile dasselbe Netzteil zu verwenden! Dümmer geht es kaum...

Und was mir auch gar nicht gefällt: Fehlende XLR-Ausgänge...

Trotz dieser Faux-Pas: Leider immer noch alternativlos.

27 Mar 2018

Das Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic ist wirklich ein Einzigartiges E- Percussion Instrument. Es ist professionell und sehr solide gebaut. Es macht wirklich spass damit zu arbeiten. Es ist halt ein Profiequipment aus dem hause Roland.

Mein Fazit : Das Roland HPD-20 Hand Percussion Pad Handsonic ist ein muss für jeden Drummer und Percussionist und darf in kein Studio oder Proberaum fehlen.

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