drum-tec pro 3 Shell Set Studio with 20" BD & 14" FT

drum-tec pro 3 Shell Set Studio
3399 €

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drum-tec pro 3 series Shell Set "Studio"-Configuration

  • 4-piece Shell Set with 20" Bass Drum and 14" Floor Tom
  • Advanced trigger technology and best playability
  • Sophisticated acoustic look, barely different to an acoustic bass drum
  • Available in 4 finishes
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • 5 years warranty

Tom Pads with multi-trigger technology

The drum-tec pro 3 series tom pads feature a new system composed of three head triggers and one rim trigger. The head triggers are mounted around a specially dimensioned damping cushion in the center of the shell. A key advantage: the arrangement and configuration of the three triggers completely eliminates the occurrence of hot spots. Your drumming gets a wider range and you have more flexibility on the playing surface.

The triggers give you precise sensing regardless of the drumhead tension. You can tighten your mesh heads individually and with the best rebound for you, the sensitivity of the triggers, and thus the velocity, remains at an optimum.

A system of struts and a rim trigger installed in the center below the cushion perfectly ensure the detection of the rim parts of your performance on the tom pads.

Bass drum pad for solid punch

The pro 3's bass drum features a newly arranged and precisely aligned single trigger system. This fine-tuning means that the beats from both the right and left beaters are always detected equally with the same sensitivity while playing with a double pedal.

Classy Acoustic Look

The groundbreaking technology of the drum-tec pro 3 series is housed in high-quality 6-ply birch wood shells, available in 4 high-gloss finishes. Solid chrome-plated hardware completes the premium look. Each drum-tec pro 3 pad is handcrafted in our manufactory in Northern Germany.

drum-tec real feel & design Mesh Heads

The tom of the pro 3 series are coated with white drum-tec real feel mesh heads on the drumhead side. They provide a unique rebound, very low inherent noise and a long service life. A drum-tec design head is used on the bass drum, which achieves the best trigger result with the built-in single trigger system.

Scope of delivery of the drum-tec pro 3 Shell Set Studio

  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 20" x 16" Bass Drum
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 10" x 7,5" Tom Tom
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 12" x 08" Tom Tom
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 14" x 13" Floor Tom
  • 1x drum-tec Protection Dot (pre-mounted)
  • 2x drum-tec Tom Holder
  • Delivery without cable!
Acoustic Design: Yes
Series: pro

Reviews 2
Customer reviews
20 Mar 2023

Absolut top

Ich bin schon lange drum-tec-Kunde und schätze die gute Beratung und die ebenso guten Produkte. Mit der Pro-3 Serie habt Ihr wirklich einen Volltreffer gelandet. Fertigung und vor allem das Triggering hat sich wesentlich verbessert. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!!!
Gratulation an das ganze drum-tec Team.

2 Feb 2023

Super edrum, bin begeistert

Der Kauf hat sich wirklich gelohnt, trotz des Preises, den ich eigentlich nicht vorhatte, auszugeben.

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