drum-tec PPHP holding plate for modules, practice pads and others

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drum-tec Universal Mounting Plate PPHP

  • Versatile: Suitable for many E-drum modules and multipads
  • Universal: Also suitable as a mounting plate for practice pads, shelves, etc.
  • Sturdy: The mounting plate made of iron sheet is very robust
  • Special: The PPHP can be screwed onto microphone stands and cymbal holders

With the drum-tec PPHP mounting plate, you can attach both modules and practice pads, as well as shelves, to a drum kit, in a percussion setup, or simply anywhere on stage. Due to the standardized hole spacing of 100 x 70 mm, the plate fits the pre-drilled holes of most E-drum modules. For practice pads with a wooden underside or shelves, the mounting plate can be attached using short wood screws. With its M8 internal thread, the mounting plate fits all common cymbal arms and microphone stands. When using boom arms and racks, it is important to ensure that the used holder/stand can securely and stably support the weight of the attached module.

The drum-tec PPHP mounting plate is compatible with the following modules:

  • Roland: TD-3, TD-6, TD-6V, TD-5, TD-7, TD-8, TD-10, TD-12, TD-20, TD-30, TD-50, TD-50X, TMC-6
  • Roland: Handsonic, SPD-SX, SPD-SX PRO, HPD-20, SPD-30
  • Pearl: Mimic Pro, malletSTATION
  • DrumIt: Three, Five MKII
  • Alesis: Strike Performance, Strike Multipad, Trigger I/O
  • Yamaha: DTX, DTXPress, DTXPress II, DTXPress III, DTXTreme I, DTXTreme II, DTXTreme III, DTXM12, DTX-PRO

Product Features:

  • Width: 12 cm
  • Length: 9 cm
  • For M8 threads
  • Material: Steel sheet
  • Hole spacing: 100 mm x 70 mm
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