Roland TD-9 Version 2.0 (used)

Roland TD-9 Version 2.0 (gebraucht)
Roland TD-9 Version 2.0 (gebraucht)
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Roland TD-9 Sound Module Version 2.0 (used)

Roland TD-9 sound module with updated software version 2.0

The most important features:

The TD-9 provides various possibilities for practicing sessions and drum lessions:

  • internal preset songs with loop-function and designated MUTE button that silences the drum line
  • Quick Rec and Quick Play - fast play-back and recording of your own playing with a direct-button on the user interface
  • practice with audio play-backs while having the possibility of modifying the play-back tempo in realtime (realtime time stretch)
  • scope mode - checking the accuracy of your timing and the hitting-volume for several sounds at the same time

With aid of a USB drive you can:

  • play audio directly (WAV-files)
  • make a data backup (backup copy of the TD-9 settings, safe quick rec-recordings)
  • load the drum-tec Sound Edition for the TD-9 (only module version 2)

With the ambience-effects, various room situations can be simulated. The ambience part can bet set for each single drum instrument.
The 2-band equalizer enables you to adjust the frequency-parts for the output signal. The TD-9 is completely compatible with the Roland VH-11 hi-hat and makes 3-way triggering for a ride V-cymbal possible.

Technical Facts of the Roland TD-9 sound module:

  • drum instruments: 522
  • drum kits: 50
  • audio file format: WAV
  • display: 128 x 64 dots graphic type LCD (backlit LCD)
  • effect types: ambience (9 types), 2-band equalizer
  • percussion set: 1
  • output impedance: 1.0 k ohms
  • power supply: AC adaptor (DC 9V)
  • current draw: 500 mA


  • preset songs: 50
  • parts: 4
  • play function: one shot, loop, repeat
  • tempo: 20-300

Instrument Parameters:

  • KICK: head tuning, muffling
  • SNARE: head tuning, muffling
  • TOM: head tuning, muffling
  • HI-HAT: cymbal size, fixed hi-hat
  • CYMBAL: cymbal size, sustain
  • OTHERS: pitch, decay

Ambience Parameters

  • room type
  • room size
  • wall type
  • mic position
  • room shape
  • mixer parameters: volume, pan

Quick Rec:

  • resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note
  • recording method: real-time
  • maximum note storage: approx. 32,000 notes


  • trigger cable connector (DB-25 type), (kick, snare, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, hi-hat, crash 1, ride, ride bell, hi-hat control)
  • extra trigger input jacks: 2 (CRASH2, AUX) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • output jacks (L (MONO), R) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • phones jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • mix in jack (stereo miniature phone type)
  • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT/THRU)
  • USB connector (for USB memory)


  • AC adaptor (PSB-1U)
  • special connection cable
  • wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2
  • sound module mounting plate

Optional Accessoires:

  • cymbal mount (MDY-10U),
  • pad mount (MDH-10U)
  • personal drum monitor (PM-10, PM-30)
  • V-drums accessory package (DAP-3)
  • V-drums mat (TDM-10)

Size and Weight:

  • width: 1,300 mm (51-3/16 inches)
  • depth: 1,200 mm (47-1/4 inches)
  • height: 1,350 mm (53-3/16 inches)
  • weight: 15.0 kg (33 lbs. 2 oz.)
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Customer reviews
24 Sep 2014

Das Roland TD-9 ist ein nettes übersichtliches Modul.
Cool finde ich die Übungsfunktion wo man das Drum Set raus nehmen kann und zum Rest der Band spielen.
Die Sounds sind jetzt nicht sooo realistisch, aber da werde ich wohl auf die nächste Modulgeneration sparen müssen.
Aber zum Üben für zu Hause reicht es völlig aus.

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