ZEITGEIST ZG Universal Hi-Hat Controller Pro (b-stock)

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ZEITGEIST Universal Hi-Hat Controller Pro (b-stock)

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  • For combination with any cymbal pad to create your individual E-Drum hi-hat
  • Proven universal controller with continuous detection of the degree of openness
  • 12" bottom with special foam mat for damping effect
  • Compatible with all E-cymbal pads and DIY low noise cymbals
  • Continuous detection of the degree of openness

The solution for individualists and switchers

With the ZEITGEIST Universal Hi-Hat Controller Pro, you can assemble your own E-Drum hi-hat. You only need a cymbal pad, for example, from Roland, ZEITGEIST, ATV, Alesis, GEWA, and a hi-hat clutch. You can also replace your existing controller, for example, with a Roland V-Drums VH-10 or VH-11 using the ZEITGEIST Hi-Hat Controller Pro. The ZEITGEIST Universal Hi-Hat Controller Pro is compatible with Roland modules and the modules of 2Box, ATV, and the Pearl Mimic Pro, among others.

The controller consists of the proven ZEITGEIST Universal Controller, supplemented with a 12" bottom pad with a special foam mat for damping and a pleasant playing feel. The bottom plate of the Pro controller provides you with the base for increased pressure of the cymbal on the controller unit and the ability to perform cool foot-splash techniques*.

For the top part of your individual hi-hat, all E-Drum cymbal pads with diameters from 13" and, for example, ZEITGEIST CAD cymbals in matching sizes are suitable. Triggered DIY low noise cymbals are also compatible. The controller is playable on hi-hat machines of all manufacturers.

When choosing the clutch, ensure sufficient downward length to optimize the range of the controller. We offer suitable products.

*Foot splashing requires a compatible module.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x ZEITGEIST 13,3“ Universal Hi-Hat Controller PRO
  • without cables
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