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Roland VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones - The perfect E-Drum headphones (b-stock)

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  • The ultimate E-Drum headphone with first-class sound quality
  • Rich bass and pleasant treble
  • Excellent shielding and best wearing comfort
  • Well-designed drummer tool

Roland VMH-D1 E-Drum Headphones - The perfect E-Drum headphones

The Roland V-Drums Headphone VMH-D1 is ideally matched to the needs of E-Drummers. It offers very good sound, best wearing comfort and optimal shielding.


  • Isolated design with very good shielding - Encloses the ear completely
  • Balanced stereo sound - best E-Drum sound for your ears
  • Comfortable fit - soft ear pads and headband
  • Complete freedom of movement - cable routing behind the head
  • Best adjustment to the head shape - Ergonomically shaped headband with precise adjustment steps
  • Always ready to hand - Clever suspension for hi-hat or cymbl stand

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Roland VMH-D1 E-Drum Headphones
  • 1x Roland headphone suspension for stand
  • 1x Roland cable retainer
  • 1x Roland headphone bag
  • 1x Roland connection cable 1.5 m
  • 1x Roland connection cable 3.0 m
  • 1x Roland adapter plug 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack

Joint venture by Roland and V-Moda

The VMH-D1 is the result of close collaboration between E-Drum pioneer Roland and V-Moda, the leading manufacturer of premium headphones for DJs and musicians. Headphones are the most important acoustic link between a drummer and his E-Drum. It is important to fully exploit sonic potential, minimize intrinsic noise and at the same time offer the best wearing comfort. With the VMH-D1, the engineers have succeeded in doing just that.

The perfect E-Drum headphones

The Roland VMH-D1 is probably the best headphone you can currently buy for an E-Drum. The closed design offers a very good shielding to the intrinsic noise of your drumming. The headphones convert the signals of your module into first-class sounds. Rich bass drum punch and silky highs make the simplest grooves sound simply phenomenal. Where other headphones deliver limp bass, harsh mids and shrill hights, the Roland VMH-D1 delivers a perfect sound experience.

Premium comfort

With its large memory foam ear cushions and a padded headband, the VMH-D1 offers lasting, fatigue-free comfort. You can play with it for hours without interruption. The ear cushions not only provide a comfortable fit, but also excellent isolation from outside noise. This especially dampens the impact noise of your game. You hear the maximum of the pure drum sounds of your module.

Complete freedom of movement

The VMH-D1 comes with a 3m long connection cable. This allows more freedom of movement for your drumming than with many other headphones. The set also includes a cable retainer that reliably leads the connection cable down behind your neck. No matter how expansive your performance is - the cable of the Roland V-Drums Headphone is never in your way!

Clever gadget: the suspension!

The best things are often simple. With a sturdy plastic clamp that you can clip to the stand of your hi-hat or to a cymbal stand, you have a secure suspension for your headphones. It won't rest on pads, module or rugg, and it's at your fingertips with a flick of the wrist.


While the VMH-D1 headphones are designed for E-Drums, they are also great as monitoring headphones in home recording, for listening to music, as gaming headphones or DJ headphones.

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