Roland TD-17 Shell Set

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Roland TD-17 Shellset

  • Compact shell set for space-saving setup
  • High-quality E-Drum pads at an unbeatable price
  • Compatible with many drum modules due to simple trigger technology

The Roland TD-17 Shellset includes premium E-Drum pads: the PDX-12 12" snare drum pad, three PDX-8 10" tom pads, and a KD-10 kick drum pad. The PDX-12 provides an authentic playing feel with a stable rubber-coated rim for precise rimshots. The PDX-8 pads are versatile and quiet, while the KD-10 kick drum pad is compact and portable, yet offers a realistic bass drum head feel. All pads are universally compatible with many drum modules, enabling a dynamic and quiet drumming experience.


  • Dual-zone trigger system on snare and tom pads
  • 2-ply Roland mesh heads for an authentic playing feel
  • Side-trigger system without a hotspot in the center
  • L-Rod mount for Tama-style tom holders
  • Compact kick pad playable with double-foot pedals
  • Robust and sensitive trigger technology

Included in the Package

  • 1x Roland PDX-12 12" snare drum pad
  • 3x Roland PDX-8 10" tom pad
  • 1x Roland KD-10 kick drum pad

Delivery does not include cables.

Roland PDX-12 12" Snare Drum Pad

The Roland PDX-12 E-Drum pad is a versatile dual-zone pad with a generous 12" diameter, perfect as a snare or tom. Its sturdy rubber-coated rim allows for precise rimshots, akin to an acoustic snare. The pad detects separate head and rim strokes, accurately reflecting your performance. The two-ply Roland mesh head creates a true drum skin feel and an optimal playing surface.

With minimal inherent noise due to its open design, the PDX-12 stands as one of the quietest E-Drum pads on the market. Universally compatible with a variety of drum modules from different manufacturers, this pad allows for comfortable expansion of your existing set, whether as a snare or tom. Integrating the PDX-12 into an existing E-Drum or acoustic drum kit is effortlessly achieved thanks to its user-friendly technology.

Roland PDX-8 10" Tom Pad

The Roland PDX-8 E-Drum pad serves various purposes as a tom, FX pad, or E-snare. With a compact size of 10" and an 8" mesh head diameter, it offers ample space for precise head and rim shots. The pad's low-noise construction positions it among the quietest pads available. Employing dual-zone trigger technology and the authentic feel of the two-ply Roland mesh head, it facilitates dynamic performances. Compatible with multiple drum modules, including Roland and other brands, it features an L-Rod mount for various tom holders.

Roland KD-10 Kick Drum Pad

The Roland KD-10 Mesh Head Kick Drum pad is a compact and versatile bass drum trigger pad. It impresses with its small footprint and authentic playing feel, courtesy of the fabric head and foam playing surface. The pad is universally applicable and compatible with various drum modules from different manufacturers. Its low self-noise makes it perfect for quiet home practice, while its portability and robust trigger technology also render it suitable for performances. The playing surface accommodates all kick pedals and double-foot machines, delivering a realistic bass drum head feel.

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