Roland TD-17 Modul and Cymbal Pack incl. Live Sound Edition

Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
Roland TD-17 Modul und Cymbal Pack
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Roland TD-17 Module and Cymbal Pack

  • Experience versatile sound options with the TD-17 V2 sound module featuring upgradeable and customizable kits, including Bluetooth functionality
  • Unlock enhanced features through the TD-17 V2 upgrade & drum-tec Live Sound Edition, offering premium kits and effects
  • Achieve a natural playing feel with the Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat featuring 2-zone triggering and a choke function
  • Enjoy an authentic playing experience with Roland Thin Crash/Ride Cymbals (CY-12C-T/CY-14R-T), boasting a slim profile and choke function

The Roland TD-17 Module and Cymbal Pack combines the expanded TD-17 V2 sound module with customizable drum kits, Bluetooth connectivity, and the responsive Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat. Complemented by the authentic Roland Thin Crash/Ride Cymbals (CY-12C-T/CY-14R-T), this set enables versatile playing styles. The drum-tec Live Sound Edition is exclusively included as a bonus for drum-tec customers.


  • Roland TD-17 sound module with V2 upgrade
  • 20 new kits, comprehensive effects, compressor, ambience, and reverb functions
  • Import custom samples and stream favorite songs from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Roland CY-12C-T 12'' crash cymbal with two trigger zones (Bow, Edge)
  • Roland CY-14R-T 14" ride cymbal with three trigger zones (Bow, Edge, Cup)
  • Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat, perfect for foot-splash techniques and rapid pedal play
  • High dynamic range and responsive touch

Package includes:

  • 1 x Roland TD-17 sound module
  • 1 x SD card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition and Module V2 upgrade
  • 1 x Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat
  • 1 x Roland CY-12C-T crash cymbal
  • 1 x Roland CY-14R-T ride cymbal
  • 1 x Roland multicore cable

Roland V-Drums TD-17 V2 - Sound Module with Enhanced Sound Thanks to Module Upgrade

The Roland V-Drums TD-17 V2 sound module presents itself as a versatile and dynamic auditory experience that can be tailored to your preferences through the module upgrade. With a total of 70 preset drum kits that can be modified to your taste, the module offers a wide range of authentic drum sounds with outstanding dynamic range and detailed audio.

Equipped with Bluetooth functionality, the module allows you to transmit your favorite songs and offers ambience and reverb effects that can add a personal and unique touch to your playing. Integrated training modes, including the Coach mode and the Warm-Up mode, contribute to improving your timing and making your practice more effective.

In addition, the TD-17 Version 2 upgrade in combination with the drum-tec Live Sound Edition offers numerous benefits. You'll receive not only new premium kits with individual samples like Acoustic and Arena Stage, but also extended instrument samples, high-quality snare samples for your live sound, new multi-effects like Spectrum, Low Boost, Humanizer, and Speaker Simulator, as well as a premium reverb and a compressor function.

Notably, the trigger support for the new slim V-Cymbals, including CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T, is worth mentioning. The upgrade installation is simple with an SD card and the provided QR code instructions. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly upgrade your TD-17 to the latest TD-17 V2 version and take advantage of the enhanced features.

Roland VH-10 E-Hi-Hat

The Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat is an exceptional 12-inch cymbal that impresses with its natural playing feel and rebound. It offers an edge and bow trigger range for a wide range of playing techniques, from traditional hi-hat sounds to foot-splash techniques. The innovative floating design enables an extremely realistic playing feel, comparable to an acoustic hi-hat, and the precise sensor technology differentiates between bow and edge. The VH-10 dynamically responds to your footwork, producing the appropriate open or closed hi-hat sound.

The rubberized surface ensures a quieter playing environment, while features like 2-zone triggering, chokebar, and a convenient hi-hat size provide a wide spectrum of expressive possibilities. The VH-10 Hi-Hat is not only compatible with all Roland E-Drum modules but is also ideal for drummers seeking a natural hi-hat experience with the benefits of the electronic world.

Roland CY-12C-T and Roland CY-14R-T E-Cymbals

The Roland V-Drums Thin Crash Cymbal CY-12C-T in 12-inch size, and the Roland V-Drums Thin Ride Cymbal CY-14R-T in 14-inch size, offer an exceptionally authentic playing experience. With a 40% slimmer profile and a soft surface, both cymbals allow for a pleasant rebound and natural striking feel. Thanks to dynamic triggering, various areas can be played accurately - for the crash cymbal, the bow and edge areas; for the ride cymbal, the bow, edge, and cup areas. Both models feature a choke function and excellent responsiveness. They are ideal for versatile drum setups and are compatible with Roland modules as well as the Pearl Mimic. Overall, these cymbals provide an excellent addition for individual and dynamic drum performances.

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