Roland TD-50X Modul and Cymbal Pack incl. Live Sound Edition

Roland TD-50X Modul and Cymbal Pack incl. Live Sound Edition
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Roland TD-50X Module and Cymbal Pack

  • Sound module with 70 premium drum kits and space for 30 individual user kits, 900 dynamic and natural instrument sounds
  • Digital Ride Cymbal with dynamic and high-resolution 3-zone triggering with bow, edge, and cup playability
  • Digital Hi-Hat with state-of-the-art multi-sensor trigger technology
  • E-Cymbal in crash cymbal size with a natural feel and authentic vibration behavior
  • Exclusive and only at drum-tec: Secure your Roland TD-50X with 15 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition! Check out the video for details

The Roland TD-50X Module and Cymbal Pack provides a comprehensive E-drum set for demanding drummers. It includes the impressive TD-50X module with 70 premium drum kits and 900 instrument sounds, along with digital cymbals CY-18DR and VH-14D. The bundle is completed with the Thin Crash Cymbal Roland CY-14C-T.


  • All drum sounds can be individually edited, with ambience, muffling, and reverb settings for each kit
  • 14 trigger inputs and 3 digital trigger inputs
  • 32-channel USB audio interface for integration into your home recording setup
  • Stereo output plus 8 x Direct Out
  • Digital 18" Ride Cymbal with 3 trigger zones for edge, bow, and cup
  • Digital two-part E-cymbal pad with top and bottom with high-resolution sound triggering
  • Crash cymbal with dynamic and high-resolution 2-zone triggering with bow and edge playability

Delivery Contents:

  • 1 x Roland TD-50X Sound Module
  • 1 x SD card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition
  • 1 x Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
  • 1 x Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride
  • 1 x Roland CY-14C-T Crash Cymbal

Delivery does not include jack cables.

Roland TD-50X - The powerful module for the best electronic drums

The Roland TD-50X E-Drum Module represents the pinnacle of E-drum technology. With an impressive selection of 70 high-quality drum kits, space for 30 custom kits, and 900 realistic instrument sounds, it offers drummers an incredibly versatile playing experience. Extensive editing functions allow drummers to customize the sound of each kit individually, from ambience and reverb to muffling settings. Compatibility with various E-drum pads, including Roland Digital Pads, ensures precise and expressive drum sounds.

The module also offers practical practice functions, including a Warm Up mode and a Coach mode to improve timing. Comprehensive connectivity with a 32-channel USB audio interface and eight direct outputs allows for live performances and studio recordings. Finally, access to the Roland Cloud opens the door to a constantly growing collection of high-quality V-Drums kits and samples. Overall, the TD-50X is the perfect choice for drummers seeking top-notch sound quality and customization options in an extremely versatile module.

Roland V-Drums VH-14D 14" Digital Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad

Both touch sensitivity and sound variety, as well as the reproduction of open/closed states, are transmitted in unprecedented resolution. The two-part hi-hat with the two thin 14" pads offers a familiar look and a natural feel. The high-resolution multi-sensor system recognizes your stroke strength, stick position, and footwork with maximum precision. In addition to authentically reproduced foot splashes, you can mute the cymbals by hand, just like an acoustic drum kit.

Roland V-Drums CY-18DR 18" Digital Ride Cymbal Pad

Its size and weight provide an absolutely authentic swinging behavior and the natural feel of a large ride cymbal. The cymbal processes your strokes over three zones. Edge, bow, and cup areas provide clear signals to the module at every point. You can play the cymbal over the entire surface, 360°, and stop it by hand (choking). Your playing is so realistically transmitted that you can hear every nuance. The soft rubber rim of the CY-18DR gives your stick strokes a soft, pleasant rebound and reduces the impact noise to a minimum. This E-cymbal allows for precise and expressive drumming with very delicate playback of your style.

Roland V-Drums CY-14C-T - Realistic playing feel and natural vibration behavior

The new, thinner dual-zone crash cymbal pads with edge and bow offer dynamic and high-resolution 2-zone triggering. The chokeable pad delivers clear signals to the module. The size and weight of the cymbal create a very authentic swinging behavior and a realistic playing feel. The 40% thinner profile and soft surface give your strokes a pleasant rebound and a natural playing feel, reducing impact noise to a minimum.

15 Exclusive Drum Kits - The drum-tec Live Sound Edition for your Roland TD-50X

With the Live Sound Edition, we bring the maximum out of a sound module for you. The edition consists of complete and immediately accessible kits and drum sounds. These perfectly tuned and vibrant drum sounds from our development studios are optimized for live gigs. But they also sound outstanding in recording applications.

15 times maximum sound from your module

From the individual sounds and samples of the module, we extract the maximum in terms of sound, spatiality, and atmosphere. From these, we create 15 complete, ready-to-play kits that are immediately available to you.

Exclusive and at no extra cost - only at drum-tec

You can only get the Live Sound Edition from drum-tec and only together with the purchase of a new E-drum module. It is not available anywhere else and not individually. And: You get your Live Sound Edition at NO EXTRA COST with your module. This is only available at drum-tec.

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