drum-tec Multipad Case for SPD-SX, HPD-20, DTXM12 etc.

drum-tec Multipad Case for SPD-SX, HPD-20, DTXM12 etc.
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drum-tec Multipad Transport Case for Roland SPD-SX PRO and more

Sensible "On The Road Case" for transporting your multipad

  • Perfect protection for your multipad and e-drum module
  • Fits Roland SPD-SX PRO, SPD-SX, HPD20, Yamaha DTXM12 and other multipads
  • With variably customizable foam cube insert also fits large e-drum modules such as the Roland TD-50X, TD-30, Pearl Mimic Pro, GEWA G9 and others
  • Stackable, lightweight, splash-proof, shockproof and shatterproof
  • Case made of ABS material with sturdy catches and solid transport handle

Best protection for your e-drum multipad or sound module

This hard case is perfect for transporting a Roland SPD-SX PRO, SPD-SX or Yamaha DTXM12 multipad. It is besides suitable for everything you want to transport shock-protected, dry and safe: E-Drum modules (even with mounted holding plate!), electronic devices, microphones, drum triggers, foot switches, metronome and much more.

The hard case is stackable and almost indestructible. Splashing water doesn't bother it, and you can lock it with an optional lock.


  • Internal dimensions (H x W x L): 220 x 430 x 335cm ( customizable three-dimensionally by foam insert)
  • External dimensions (H x W x L): 245 x 465 x 410 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
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